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So Alcheon , who was then Sangdaedeung highest post of government of Silla was the original favorite to succeed the throne. Queen Maya finds out that Sohwa is still alive. Deok Man accepts Bi Dam answer as Bi Dam affirm it, as Bi Dam tries to explain that he has mentioned before that he went to Daeya fortress was, Deok Man cuts him short that she has heard enough. He was the 2nd man to Seol Won Rang during the Baekje campaign in Episode 9 Yeo Gil Chan preach to his men that a person who devoid of gratitude is no different from a beast, if they do not protect Mi Shil, how could they called themselves men of this Silla, are we able to declare ourselves as military fighting personnel. Seol Won Rang acknowledged her instruction. Kim Seo Hyeon could only reply with his apologies in regret. As it was Bi Dam turns, the guards asked him what is the purpose of his entry as Bi Dam said that he is to do some trading.

Bi Dam shakes his head Bi Dam: Ha Jong said whatever it is said, this matter has become somewhat nettlesome to handle. But Deokman immediately proposes to change the rule on unanimous vote to majority vote. Go-do 56 episodes, It plays a significant role in warfare. The fact that a queen could rule alone is testimony to the traditional high status of women in the royal lineage and illustrates the rigidity of the Silla social class system. Bi Dam weeps for his mother as Mi Shil stop brief then walks on. But Bidam assures Deokman that he will save Silla by sending Lord Seolwon as the commander of the counterattack.

Kim Seo Hyeon announce his arrival. You will either love Kim Yushin and hate Bidam, or vice-versa. Seeing darma determination, the King gave her the chance to prove herself worthy of the throne.


I like Deok Man military regalia that she don the armours in the masculine manner. Bidam and his political allies launch a rebellion against Deokman.

At the beginning of each summary starting with Episode 2, I placed in a table a recap of the major twists and turns of the epusode episode. Sul-Ji 33 episodes, Foreground and background blur, shallow depth of field.

When finished, click Answer to see the results. Mi Shil asked if that what Chil Sook is wishing for. The Great Jang-Geum — Mi Shil asked for her carriage to be prepared. She became the first female ruler of the Silla kingdom.

But in the woods at night, he and his man face off with Alcheon Rang and another Hwarang officer. Princess Cheonmyeong saves Deokman who falls off a cliff. Bi Dam goes to Deok Man to ask what has happened in the talks. To find out who placed the petition in the assembly hall, Minister Eulje orders all the Hwarang trainees to assemble. Al Cheon comes in to report that the cross bow consignment arrive in Naei port was transport directly to Daeya Fortress.

It topped the rating charts almost every week during its run, peaking at Ha Jong said whatever it is said, this matter has become somewhat nettlesome to handle.

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Mi Shil faction is filled with a boost in morale. Seol-won 55 episodes, Mun-shik Lee Al Cheon that the situation had come to play, will they need to deploy soldiers to surrounding area of Daeya Fortress. Match quewn word in the left column with its synonym on the right. Chuno TV Mini-Series It was from this ideological background that the Korean garden was created.


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But just then, Princess Cheonmyeong arrives. Wyol Ya apologise for his intrusion but he suggest the use of the border garrison. What makes these so good is the way they skillfully evoke deep emotion in the viewer.

But Lord Seolwon tells Mishil that, since Bidam is her son, they should also consider putting him forth as a candidate. Deokman hears Minister Eulje order the Hwarang officers and trainees to either capture or kill her. He is credited for leading the unification of Korea’s Three Kingdom. Search for ” Seonduk yeowang ” on Amazon.

Princess Man Myeong said that Deok Man has already handed a letter requesting the alliance. Seok Bum deokk how can this be the end.

The Great Queen Seondeok

Bo Jong stands down. Human relations can be complex even if only the boy and girl are involved, but this complexity increases as more people deko involved. Meanwhile, using the disappearance of Princess Cheonmyeong as an excuse, Mishil and Lord Seolwon plan to replace Lord Kim Seohyeon with one of their own people.

Chunchu arrogantly tells Deokman that he easily manipulated Mishil and that his plans to take the throne will not fail. Bi Dam wants to approach her but Kim Yu Shin stops him not to go near.