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CG finally remember Shin I think this will be good for the next real sequel!.. Hope CG will be able to get over her mental problems on Harry soon, then Shin can get naughty with her again. I myself is a drama viewer too. Hyo-rin rejects the Crown Prince, because she wants to focus on her career in the ballet. Sorry, Guys, I am too Naughty.

Keeps me coming back for more and more. LOL So pleeaasseee continue it mycrybaby.. Please continue with your story. Please keep on writing. Happy New Year to you Mdm Chow. Henry is still the pain in the butt, the longer you don’t update the less reader’s.

More like a script. Can’t Wait to read next Chapter Hope you and your family are doing great.

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I am pissed off at Harry too. Hey, i luv this fanfic for Goong I don t want to wait your story. Because of your story, I can smile. Thanks mycrybaby, dont worry, here waiting for the rest of the chapter No of course tis isn’t a gd ending!!! Dear friends, I ,Mycrybaby is on holiday now. Her tactics were upsetting and smooth enough to change the most valiant heart. In the drama there are only 2 main characters Shin and Chae Kyung, the writers of the drama clearly started to make Yul distasteful enough for viewers to cut off their emotional connection with him, which is different than the manhwa.


Im already missing goong and this fanfic fills up my thirst so please!!! Very nice, I hope Yul and Angie feel comfortable will married life ddrama.

Although, I do have to admit I was disappointed that they were trying to create a sequel to Goong and the lead actors did not sign up, so this was their solution.

Oooo, the ship sounds so beautiful! To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Right, Shin did say divorce and he is a hypocrite kore he brings it up.

My dream synopsis of GOONG 2.

I have been checking your site everyday for your update. Go ahead and put it at the very bottom of your list. I am now just reading or more recently skimming the latest chapters out of a desire to finish something that I have started and loved. If you really want fan, improve on your skills. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Kkorea have cut a bit so that it will be not too detail, not too much Dear Cry baby, you are the best story teller ever.

Third, Lady Hwa-Yong is a great villan. Cheers and thanks again. princesd

There was so much turmoil in determining who to root for. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hey, please update soon, looking forward to reading the next chapter!. I can’t wait to continue reading the rest of the chapters. All people have their freedom to do whatever they want. Wow, completely new direction – exciting Keep it up and please update soon.


Hope you would update more in the coming future. I don’t understand what is mean but I guess that princeess some rude words. Thanks very much cant wait to watch this kotean on air!!!!!!!!!. Whether you are a ballerina, a drawing artist or a musician, princes school might be perfect for you … if it exists, that is.

It makes me smile and complete my day But yeah, it still lacks an ending: I think that what she felt for Yul is like if not the same type of attachment Shin has for HR.

What I mean is that, I surely can’t wait for the next one so puhlease update as soon as possible or maybe right now. And in fact felt sad for Hyo Rin who only later on gets to hear that this was apparently their farewell trip!