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Hyun-jin calls Jae-in a stubborn bastard, although Tae-ha says his hyung — ahem, his cousin — simply holds himself back too much. Unknown Oktober 07, 6: I loved this episode, I thought it was one of the best. Sorry to show up like this. Are you okay with that? The campus love story that people waited so much comes in flatly and slowly, bringing matters of Director and the ballerina the most leaving main characters hanging. And the last episode, actually acting like a noble is a part of k drama’s but there is some sense of reality within it that makes it believable! But now it actually makes even more sense!

Jae In is still selfish and controlling in certain ways but Da Hyun still gives as good as she gets. Mi Ri tidak mampu berkata apapun selain permintaan maaf. Episode 6 by Helcat. And he finally said he loved her. If you want to then lets go. Aulia Sierra Februari 23, 1:

He is your brother.

The top Image is epsiode PicMonkey. Happy Marriage has short episodes too with minutes long per episode and has a total of 12 episodes too short Shows that she’s in in for the long haul.


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She slinks back and dies on the couch. Tak also sees the news on the bus and tries to get off. It simple easy to be forgotten. So I don’t know why we have to break up because we do.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 15 Recap • Drama Milk

She becomes insanely successful and everyone else is more or less the same? In the end, that date was 115-1 breaking point for Jae-in.

You came here to see Moo-young, right? Some like shouting matches while others try to break everything in their way in real life too.

Tamura Februari 23, 1: I was actually asking myself if I’d even date a man who could be episdoe as the character Jae In. Hope we’ll see you soon for another drama.

I love this dynamic with them. She is sitting with the psychiatrist.

Good job breaking up with Jin-kang. The chemistry these two have is unreal. Unknown Februari 19, You are dumped, okay? Thanks for the recap! Eka sofi ramayanti Oktober 15, Unknown Februari 08, 7: It is the same drawing that Moo-young has.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes: Episode 15 Recap

First he goes to see Kyu-won. Like you, Laica, I appreciate that JaeIn was honest with what Dada can expect marrying him – but again I feel like he is underestimating himself. Sometimes we have jou suspend critical analysis so you can sit back and enjoy–unless of something egregious happens. Akhdan November 12, 6: So MANY tiny moments like that that spoke volumes about how much he loved her.


She just stares at him. This scene came draja I stopped watching the drama, but I watched it to see if it was as bad as it sounded in the recap. Too much time has passed.

I just don’t find the sound of PSH’s voice pleasant. And even if they do, will they be able to overcome the obstacles that have stood between them all along?