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Se Kyung should have taken Tommy up on his offer to study in France. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Yong-ju is also in a different position from SK, and has way more to lose than before. I can empathize with this fragile sould for whom the opposite of “I love you” is not “I don’t love you” but rather “what can I get out of you How will Se Kyung show her true self later to Seung Jo.. He’s a victim of multiple circumstances, while she failed to realize when she started out on her quest for Cheongdam-dong-dom that she would have to toy with some poor fool’s heart. I wonder how this drama would have been if we got someone who was just as intense as Park Shi-hoo and could really portray the complexities of Se-kyung more outwardly, and not just someone who was good at crying. He catches up with her and asks what has happened.

I honestly believe in her character. But that said, I did enjoy myself watching it for the most part I can only assume that those points don’t make sense to you, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. The whole drama had a feeling of pretentious and nauseating philosophy. Of course, I understand the tragic situation from the beginning when a person dies due to lack of money for treatment, but still I never though it was necessary for Se Hyung to go to the extrme of becoming part of the world of the richest. Not know that Cha Seung-jo is actually the president of Artemis, they have an argument again and she goes away unhappily. Sitting with Se-kyung, Il-nam confides that he was jealous Deuk-gi got to sing and drink with Seung-jo.

While she may have started off angry and determined to get into Cheongdam-dong, she lost it all, and became more anxious. This episode is really awesome This was beautifully done! What is her crime again? And this part here Well they found out she was a gold digger and? I can only assume that those points don’t make sense to you, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. She runs back out again, and nearly gets hit by an oncoming car.


Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Ooh, I like the idea that Yoon-joo was the first Alice. Love Me Not is very deep though I haven’t watch the whole film yet. Have a dream, but be awake enough to make it a reality.

Great acting by her. And you explain the whys and hows beautifully.

He just seems to have been traumatized by the sinopiss of great wealth so much that he will never have true peace, security, and happiness with it. I agree that he over-acted while she under-acted many a time. This then freed them from the distractions of the environment they were born into that had made them cheongdamding they thought they needed to be to survive.

She goes to Tommy Hong to reason with him. Alice grew up because she realized Wonderland was just nonsense, as far as I gathered. OK I guess I am back on the Alice bandwagon, last weeks episodes seriously left my once ardor for this show seem misplaced.

Episodes by odilettante. You’re right about the remember-doesn’t-remember thingy. When his close employees come to visit him, he tries very hard to hide his identity from Han Se-kyung. If she were to uphold all the exact same characteristics over many years, then I’d have to say that she was two dimensional as a character which we often see in dramas. She joins in on the fantasy, waving at Dong-wook and greeting Il-nam.


Hence my not buying the big deal everybody makes out of this in this world of the rich. I agree with your assessment that Se Kyung represents an escape from CDD values, which we would consider fake, and into a reality of love and genuine goodness with no strings attached. In-hwa storms back into the office, leaving her manager feeling perplexed. Thank goodness the ending was fairly satisfactory As long as the ending is not a total disaster I am still epiaode with the drama.

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P anyway maybe its due to Park Shi Hoo superb acting that made me feels as if Moon Geun Young didnt delivers as much impact. I just decided to take advantage of commenting near the top of the Rant or Rave section, so I’m tacking it on.

Cha Seung-jo goes to see his father, president Cha ll-nam of Royal Company, and in a disdainful tone, tells him that Artemis will not be a shop in the Cheongdqmdong Company’s shopping center.

To transport us to realities where things are possible that might not be in our lives. Even more convinced after the next episode.

And now, I think she’s sliding towards becoming the White Queen. His acting in this ep does remind me of Princess Man.