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She could have just told him I love you and that’s it. I was glad to see In-hwa get set down, because yeah. Likely not enough time to find out, but must be something when she can stand up to fight back with the men but folds like a house of cards to women close to her own age like In-hwa and Se-kyung. People become more tolerant and less resistant in various areas as they go through different phases. Which not all actors can handle. It was my crack for awhile but not anymore. Park Shi Hoo is mentally ill and needs serious help. As he gets on line to go through the gate, Se-kyung and Tommy arrive looking for him.

VS January 22, at 2: It worries her that he might have run away because he learned the truth somehow. Before the divorce can happen, he orders Min-hyuk to find use in his wife to help them. Ah, now I sortof want to read Alice in Wonderland again. I may not have seen that many compared to most of you, anyhow, I don’t think there’s a korean drama with so many layers to peal and discern. Its pride or shame by association.

As a kid you believe alicr wonderful stories of pure love and good things happen to those who work hard, but as you grow up you learn that reality isn’t always beautiful.

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Because if she’s trying to get rid of Yoon-joo, there’s no need for anyone to see the video outside of the family, and the business deal wouldn’t be affected. Lol welcome fellow addict. I just thought she was taking his supposed craziness as something inevitable rather than something making her feel valuable.


Been abroad, now sinopsiw time to catch up! Changing “classes” is definitely possible. But I’m a fan nontheless. Han Se a gold digger? You’re right about the epsode thingy. Never understood this in any drama. Seung-jo drinks himself to a stupor, so Se-kyung tucks him into bed.

I thought the companies that produce the dramas were just being cheap. Even when Seung Jo said, “Don’t.

I could just wait to see the results of the arguments given in the comments by all of you. I loved how this drama ended. I don’t know what’s there about that face, it just makes me want to punch her. All that takes serious determination.

The lie and the video thanks Samsung’s PPL Whether it be with her husband or not. It buys you time to think, and it’s all about NOT giving your opponent the reaction s they expect. I just need to check than it doesn’t have secondary effects, like blindness for example.

Seo Yoon-joo goes to see Tommy Hong; she learns that the person who he is trying to pair up with her husband’s sister, Shin In-hwa, is actually Cha Seung-jo. This drama kindof felt like multiple dramas in one, which sometimes made it hard to watch. Mark January 29, at 7: I think he developed some feelings, but they were more admiration than desire.

I’m so rooting for the last 2 episodes, Please writers. Even more convinced after the next episode. What did you gain from it? Did she want that material wealth that much?

I really wished the writers also focused on Secretary Moon and Ah Jung’s relationship. Cheongdxmdong for me, CDDA is one of those that the more you watch it, the more layers you find in relation to the complexity and depth of being a human being. Alice grew up because episoe realized Wonderland was just nonsense, as far as I gathered. I actually did some manic for me screen-capping and character analysis on my blog. Like, the Dad says it’s alright if she keeps her mouth shut but who made his son emotionally like this in the first place?


Not that she hates his money, but that fpisode doesn’t choose him for money money being the ONLY reason why she wants him. It is a pity that she could not raise herself above her sister in law and maintained her pride and keep fighting till the bitter end.

I will miss korwa couple. I found mgy still too young looking against psh That’s too short, my dear. It is easy to be brave when you have nothing to lose – not so easy when you have it in your hand and want to hold on to it.

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She orders Yoon-joo to not tell the truth, as it would not go along with her plans. Honesty is the best policy. The exploration of the themes was so murky because I don’t think the show remembered what themes it was exploring half the time.