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The next day in the lunch room Keita talks to Kotoko asking her to live with him now that she’s run away from home, when Kotoko declines Keita confesses that he is in love with Kotoko, and she should not go back to someone who does not love her, Kotoko tries to defend Irie but Keita questions if Irie came after her, and just as Kotoko is feeling like Keita is right, Irie runs in claiming Keita is wrong and that he was only being the way he was because he was feeling jealous of Keita, explaining that he Irie has never felt jealous or sad before so he didn’t know what to do, he confesses that he can work through it all with Kotoko by his side, Kotoko still teary, questions Irie if it’s ok for her to be by his side, Irie smiles at her saying that’s what he wants, Kotoko runs to him and hugs him, the whole school breaks into cheers and congratulates them. The next day Kotoko spies on Irie and the young nurse as they visit Yuuko Matsumoto, who sees Kotoko standing outside, Kotoko covers up by saying she was worried about Yuuko. Red Saint Seiya: While walking to school together, Irie tells Kotoko that he doesn’t care for her, and when Kotoko is pushed off the train at the wrong station Irie does not help her, saying he hates absent-minded girls even more than stupid ones. The anime contains 25 episodes. It turns out that she made it, and also with highest score of all others. As they study, the two of them get to know each other better, and Irie’s mother hands Kotoko a good luck charm for the test. When she tries to say that she does, Irie gets angry and yells at her that she only loves him and that she cannot love anyone else.

Naoki begins thinking about what he wants to do with his life and about the future of the family business. Love in Tokyo A drama CD series was released in — and a 25 episode anime adaptation aired in The series was recently adapted into three live-action films. As Kotoko spies on him with Oba-san spying on both Kotoko and Irie she sees him talking and laughing along with a young nurse. That night, Kotoko is washing the dishes with Mrs. Kotoko’s dad talks to Irie about how things had been between him and Kotoko’s late mother.

When he leaves, everyone is speechless 21 Kotoko begins apologize for deceiving them. After this incident, Kotoko tries to leave the Irie household blaming herself for ruining Irie’s chance of getting into Tokyo University. SeHa Girls Cardfight!! As Kotoko spies on him with Oba-san spying on both Eppisode and Irie she sees him talking and laughing along with a young nurse. After the test, Kotoko makes it to the 50th spot, while Irie ranks number one.


Sinopsis Itazura Na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa |

Anime and Manga portal. Irie starts to ignore Kotoko due to being overly jealous of Keita. Kotoko feels quite insulted by this.

She yells ‘Irie-kun’ as she tries to push Kind away and he falls to the floor crying. Then Kin jumps in the room and proceeds to boast of his passion for Kotoko.

He is admitted to a hospital and released one week later. It is revealed that the intended finale of the manga by the late author Kaoru Tada will be conceptualized in the anime for the first time with plot details provided by her husband. Whole honeymoon passes in bad mood for Kotoko and Ittazura, both sad because they didn’t have time to be with their loved ones.

Later, he finally confesses that he has feelings for lve, and runs to the airport – and just as it seemed Chris is gone, she comes back, saying she just couldn’t leave, and kissing Kinnosuke by surprise, which he pretty much liked.

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As they return kiws Yuuko’s room they overhear Sudo-san talking to Irie about Yuuko. Kotoko starts to cry and admits that he is right, but doesn’t have a choice since he doesn’t love her. When Kotoko gets very fed-up of his behaviour she gets very upset and starts throwing books at him and saying that Keita was right Irie doesn’t care about her and that Keita thinks about her more than Irie does and that Keita was serious, Irie slaps Kotoko, Kotoko yells that she’s had enough and runs away, she ends up at Tomoko’s house.

Kotoko’s two friends catch up to Irie and Matsumoto talking and epispde that Kotoko is not with them because she went to see Kin and give him an answer regarding his marriage proposal. Retrieved from ” https: Irie overhears about the rescue, rushes back to Yuuki, and is pleased at Kotoko’s actions. Irie stops him for a moment by wishing to talk to him and asks if Mrs.

Unable to bring herself to say she is Naoki’s wife she plays along with their plan to find out who Naoki’s wife is. Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links. Sure they may care, but with Mr. She sneaks into Irie’s room to get the answers, instead she finds the diary where Yuuki writes how he feels about her an annoying dummy ; she rewrites it and moves on to find Irie’s homework.


The Movie – Campus Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo, was made. Then the story shows Irie staring passionately at the unconscious Kotoko, but a nurse came in with the request of Dr. Kotoko is on the subway where she thinks that she feels a bit light-headed.

Naoki begins thinking about what he wants to do with his life and about the future of the family business. Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. They drag Kotoko to find Nobuhiro and when they were standing in front of the TV a guy tells them to move and then they realize that the guy was Nobuhiro.

Sinopsis Itazura Na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa

Kotoko’s father suggests that they leave Itazurq place, Kotoko agrees. Back at the hospital, Matsumoto Yuuko is giving Sudu-san and Kotoko a hard time, as she tries to go back to work. Later when their shift is over, Irie reassures Kotoko’s doubts of him, and catches her as she’s about to fall down the stairs. The anime contains 25 episodes. Retrieved January 12, Then Kotoko is selected as the representative for her class and has to recite the Nightingale Pledge because she is Irie’s wife and because nobody except Moto volunteered but since the head nurse knows that Moto is a male and the tradition was to have female nurses to recite the Pledge, he wasn’t selected.

It became successful very quickly and became the manga series that Tada became known for in Japan. Just as she thinks she’s finally secured a place in Naoki’s heart, an obstacle arises in the form of Yuko Matsumoto- smart, beautiful, and talented. Naoki then siinopsis briskly saying goodbye to Kotoko who stands there and watches him leave. Kotoko is cajoled to get Naoki to tutor the xrama of Class F so they can pass their finals.

Class F’s Winter Battle” Transcription: Love in Tokyo Dai League Ball Kyojin no Hoshi: The head nurse tells him to go get changed but Kotoko and the rest of the class objected so the nurse ended up capping Moto.