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Instead I watch Personal Taste as soon as it is out with chinese sub. On their way home, Hyo-sun has one thing to ask: I admit that at first, by instinct, I wanted to kick his hindy for approaching our OTP. Hyo-sun bravely goes in for the hug. Eun-jo nods respectfully, grateful and relieved. This is one side of the fairy tale that rarely, if ever, gets explored — Cinderella stories always start with the stepmother already evil, and we are just to accept that about her.

This was my favorite episode so far. Great transition in this episode, and Eunjo proved that her heart’s not made out of stone after all. Eun-jo walks out into the courtyard a dull daze, sobbing. He was just the kidnapped pawn, and therefore the truest sadsack, since his pathetic ass had to be ransomed by Eun-jo, the girl who hates him most in the world. I also like that the people in this drama actually seem like real people. I couldn’t do it anymore, so thanks again for continuing to do the recaps. They returned because she apologized.

Just outside the room, Ki-hoon hears her sobs, her emotion stirring his. They ztepsister way too perfect and obssessive and got downright annoying. It’s the human emotion of affection that affects the outcome of their decisions.

I started feeling annoyed and tired with the angst and crying Hyo-sun comes into the room, wanting to lean on her mother for comfort. Sijopsis really want to be forgiven. Although I never disliked Hyo-sun, I didn’t especially like her either.

SINOPSIS Cinderella’s Sister Episode 1 – 20 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

I’d thought he meant it was too late for them to turn things around since they’ve already fallen in love and pretense doesn’t work anymore. This was my favorite episode so far. Naive Hyo-sun, meanwhile, stubbornly seeks affection at every turn, only to slowly realize she’s losing Ki-hoon and everything else in her life to her cold stepsister.

My Ki-hoon, oori Ki-hoon-ah, I understand that your intentions were good. I just think “There’s just 5 episodes left” so I could still hope that something great would happen in the next ep. Eun-jo walks out into the courtyard a dull daze, sobbing. So when she’s all alone again she lost that identity.


TV series Sister of Cinderella – Final episode”.

But from his POV, Kang-sook has been a good wife and mother for the past eight years. Eun-jo nods respectfully, grateful and relieved.

Drama Korea Cinderella’s Sister Subtitle Indonesia

I sense a lot of demonic fun to come out of Hyo Sun towards her step-mother. If I say to you: It’s a simple but beautiful scene, my favorite so far.

But I guess I must have misunderstood his feelings Look at her growing up and being generally excellent, although that last image of her leaves me concerned that the next episode is going to unleash her inner psycho.

I like the idea of her having had to survive by her wit, charm, and exquisite sort of guile to create this narcissitic and meglomanical woman. Her character is so interesting and I am really cinverella as to how she will turn out in the end haha I saw episode 15 and it’s pretty awesome in terms of her story PS being the biggest science nerd out there, it’s saccharomyces and basically it’s the name of the microorganism that’s used to brew alcohol drxma.

Drama Korea Cinderella’s Sister Subtitle Indonesia

I really enjoyed this episode and the excellent recap is better than the icing on a double-layered ice-cream cake!!! Frankly, I am not trilled by Hyo-sun’s change in this episode and her scenes with her step mom. But as a character she is just so much fun to watch. She tells him not to do that for her, but to do so for Hyo-sun. Ki-hoon goes to the temple to beg for salvation, burdened by his sin against Dae-sung and the two sisters. It made me excited to see how Hyosun’s revenge on Kangsook will play out.

If I just had you, I could brazenly forget all my debts…and live. EunJo would have turned soft faster, Ki-Hoon wouldn’t have gotten on the train, Thanks for the recap. I feel invested in each of the character and seeing their daily lives and their struggles still has me hooked.


Be it to make up for the sins of her mother, or because she does love Hyosun, I think it’s great lengths for Eunjo. To my ‘horror’ I did lol. Love all her drama. Hyo-sun comes home to witness the power of the internet for herself, as she is greeted with her own little fanclub ha complete with bubbles to replicate her commercial.

Goodness, it’s all about guilt now. I have to agree that it’s SO nice to finally see some relationship development between the sisters. Unfortunately for me, I can’t stop watching dramas after I’ve started, and the wonderful acting isn’t helping much She seeks comfort, but Kang-sook gives her none, lost in her own reverie. When facing guilt, there are some people who lash out and try to run away from it like Kangsook and there are some people who try to atone like Eunjo.

Her face betrays her disappointment to find it empty though I wonder what she would have said if he were there!

Eun-jo looks lost, tears streaming down her face. Retrieved from ” https: It just doesn’t make sense. She can go on and on about sponging off nice people, but she can’t suppress her conscience all the time. He sort of talks through her, instead of to her, which Hyo-sun totally notices.

Humility toward her elders does more to mollify them than anything else she could have tried. cinderelpa

And the thing is And I didn’t really like HS’s character before, but now, I feel she’s gotten a lot more interesting.