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Dijamin lebih keren dibanding versi remake negara tetangganya.. Eh udah gitu aja. It’s the same with video game ; when you win, you’re happy, so it’s fun. Aki cannot catch a sea urchin on her own. Setelah lulus kita ingin lanjut kuliah, itu hal baik. GhocinFreak not responsible for the misuse no. Yui wins a contest to become the publicity character of the Kitasanriku Railroad.

Until finally there’s hope for survivors of unemployed city council had sent a lawyer who will decide whether the school can still be assisted to maintained. I guess u need to use that methods to handle those delinquent students XD. Natsu also visits Tokyo, revealing a past in which she herself was kind of an “idol”. For exam question has only one correct answer. He says yes, and in front of only her and Mizuguchi, declares he will not let her succeed as an idol in his agency. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Si pengacara ini buat kelas khusus masuk Todai.

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Yui wins a contest to become the publicity character of the Kitasanriku Railroad. Akhirnya Kepala Sekolah memutuskan untuk menyewa seorang pengacara handal Dikeadaan lain, ada seorang pengacara yang sedang jatuh miskin dan tidak punya uang, pengacara itu bernama Kenji Sakuragi, dan secara kebetulan disewa oleh Kepala Sekolah untuk membantu menyelesaikan malasah sekolah itu, Kenji Sakuragi, berhasil menemukan ide yang bisa dianggap gila dan tak mungkin, yaitu membuat 5 Lima orang murid nya bisa masuk ke Toudai Tokyo Universitysebuah universitas negeri di Jepang yang nomer satu, mampukah Kenji Sakuragi menciptakan keajaiban?

She finds a town suffering: Do not sell movies that were downloaded for personal interests or things that violate the law 3. For example, taxes, salaries, insurance, allocations. But for the life, it is different.


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Tipikal anak Ryuuzan ini brandalan, susah diatur, nakal, bodoh. Aki only comes back after Mizuguchi and her Tokyo friends encourage her to continue.

Episode 7 Dragon Zakura: Mizuguchi also quits and becomes Aki’s manager. Yang jelas pinter bahasa Jepang aja dulu eaaa sombong makanya kuliah jurusan Jepang aja deh. Aki’s father Masamune also comes to town hoping to get back together with his wife, but Haruko insists on a divorce. Episode 10 Dragon Zakura Final: Luckily, no one in Sodegahama is injured, but Yui suffers a shock from the tsunami damage.

Episode 6 Dragon Zakura: Teachers confused face the possibility they will be unemployed, unless a mother’s young teachers who teach English played by Kyoko Hasegawa who is more concerned with his students.

1-1 from Dragon Zakura Pm: Drama Jepang tentang pendidikan. Suzuka is to appear in sinosis remake, but it is on her insistence that the lead is to be decided by audition, enabling Aki to apply. Meanwhile, Yui’s mother runs away from home, sparking Yui to turn into a juvenile delinquent until Haruko stops her. But at one point, Natsu collapses in Sodegahama and Haruko leaves to tend her. Haruko slaps her when she finds out she broke her promise, but Aki then declares she wants to become an idol, too.

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It’s the same with video game episodf when you win, you’re happy, so it’s fun. Visitor Free Insurance Quotes. Retrieved 2 January She tries to leave town with him but is stopped by Daikichi and the others. Hanya saja, jangan pernah hidup sebagai pengecut yg tak mau melakukan apapun. Retrieved 10 November Natsu had apparently thought it too much trouble to correct their impression he was dead.


This page was last edited on 10 Novemberat Retrieved 14 February And, part 2 has 3 comic books, its story is, “comeback story of hero, Mr. Jika kita ingin menjadi atlet, bermain musik atau hanya ingin bermain dan menghabiskan waktu bersama teman juga sama baiknya.

Zakura SMU is a private school on the verge of bankruptcy after the death of Directors.

Around that time Aki and Yui learn that Haruko had left Sodegahama originally to become an idol and had failed. School, Comedy, Romance Zakkra Lagi dan lagi memutar dorama lama yg ga pernah bosen bosennya Suzuka, however, miraculously sings beautifully at the Ama Cafe. She becomes a local idolthen returns to Tokyo to try to become a real idol, and finally returns to Tohoku to help revitalize the area after the Great East Japan earthquake.

Through Aramaki’s influence, Aki starts working as Suzuka’s assistant, on top of her idol training. Post a Comment By accessing www. Views Read Edit View history.

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Haruko’s mother Natsu is fine. Sakuragi Kenji is a destitute lawyer and one-time member of a motorcycle gang. Sneak Peek from Dragon Drxgon Pm: This spurs the town to finally clean up the Ama Cafe and Haruko to give Suzuka voice training lessons.

Episode 8 Dragon Zakura: