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Louisa May Alcott Along with his lowborn friends, Geum enters the Palace. Chun Soo tells Dong Yi that the Queen Mother could have become sick when her tonics were mixed with other tonics. The King has to talk to DY now that she knows who he is. But the task is to bring medicine into the palace which is prohibited. Government officials from all levels begin boycotting their duties, and the Confucian scholars continue their protests. Dong Yi disappears from the Palace. The Westerners won for a while but broke into two smaller factions Soron and Noron.

Retrieved September 16, The blame game Episode 51 recap: She is asked to recite parts of a book that she has never even read. DY arrives in the bureau and gets her new uniform. They also demand that she be punished for abandoning her duties as a court lady. Six years have gone by and DY is now a young woman and indispensable at the palace. Shim Woon-taek makes a deal with Jang Hee-jae: She entered the palace at the age of 7.

To find out peisode, including how to control cookies, see here: We understand that a covenant marriage is for life. The capital is in chaos as all the yangban are worried that their slaves are involved in the geomgye. Shooting at night Photojournalism Historical backgrounders, review, and analysis external links 1.

As Dong Yi is about to run away, drown sees Jang Hee-jae on the road. Dong Yi finds Queen Inhyeon unconscious in her quarters. DY sneaks back into the guest house dressed as a servant again, gets the paper and wood that she needs and runs away chased by Qing guards!

Sinopiss Lady Jang has kept his sickness a closely-guarded secret. Government officials from all levels begin boycotting their duties, and the Confucian scholars continue their protests. Dong Yi decides to take Geum out of his school and begins looking for a private tutor. The rescue Episode 25 recap: JHJ is now working under Chief Seo as a low level policeman but all he can do is stand and watch as all his weapons are carried away.


Dong Yi and Lady Yu Episode 11 th This blog does not necessarily endorse the views or opinions expressed in these videos.

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Queen Inhyeon and the shaman Episode 48 recap: The Crown Prince is overcome with despair, feeling guilty about everything that has happened and thinking that he will be cast out of the Palace. The Seoin faction are now stronger than the Namin. Crisis erupts later on at the royal court when the Qing envoy demands that Dong Yi must be turned over to him, so that she can be brought back to Qing for investigation and punishment.

She repeatedly tries to get in touch with Chun Soo through letters and the stone messages that she sends out through the itinerant merchants. The melody Episode 28 recap: Hangman provided by The Free Dictionary.

The poor Joseon citizens buy rice in a panic thinking the bad omen means civil jewl The king is determined to find out who is responsible for jewsl musical disaster at the feast. Despite stiff opposition from both the South and West factions, King Sukjong refuses to give up Dong Yi and plans to send the royal guards to get her from the Qing compound. While solving a case, she meets the king who introduces himself as a court judge.

By the time she returns with the police the minister is dead. The ladies use their skills Chinese language skills and signing with mirrors to spy on the delegates. Drama korea Dong Yi, Jewel in the crown kembali di putar di Indosiar untuk kesekian kalinya. Eclipse of faith Episode 18 recap: DY finds herself in a strange house. Lee Byung-hoon Kim Sang-hyub. The ultimatum Episode 33 recap: April 27, August 7, dramasrok Dong Yisageuk.

But he tries to act macho in front of DY who, seeing him struggle, offers to drink it instead of him! When DY dkng that her father has escaped to the mountain she runs to find him.


The most-loved theme in this drama is the friendship epieode Dong Yi and Queen Inhyeon. DY picks it up and gives it back to her. A search begins for her. She still thinks he is just jwel nobleman tbe she is impressed when he helps her get back in the palace. The King laughs as she tries to address him formally and he says that he just wants their relationship to stay relaxed and informal as before!

Surprised by the events, the Southerners turn to Queen Jang for help since she rules over the Inner Court and has the authority to punish Dong Yi.

She entered the palace at the age of 7. Previous Posts Home Photojournalism: Chief Suh shows King Sukjong how the mysterious piece of paper that Dong Yi found can be decoded and what its message means. The Royal Consort Episode 37 recap: But at the gate, a police officer recognizes her through the wanted poster.

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Dong Yi director says Ji Jin-hee “mischievous ” “. The first factional battle of his reign occurred between the Western vs Southern factions.

Dong Yi and King Sukjong Episode 14 recap: Choosing your viewpoint Photojournalism When Lady Jang requests that the selection of the Crown Princess be postponed again, Queen Inhyeon becomes suspicious that something might be wrong with the Crown Prince.

The lady investigators versus the eunuchs Episode 21 recap: King Sukjong orders the arrest of all zinopsis officials belonging to the Southerners.