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Although the tarot card makes her uneasy, she points out how special it is to love someone not once, but twice. Jung Woo is the most adorable lead I have come across in a while and Ae Ra was a no nonsense chick who I can deeply respect. The end scene with the egg was perfect. I loved the heck out of our main couple, from their bickering to their fantasy sequences to their realization, at last, that they have to forgive each other and be honest about their feelings. Also shows that AR didn’t just take notice of JW because of her mother either. They both acknowledge what is important to the other in a relationship and they both now honour that importance. So, although it gave me everything I wanted, I didn’t feel as satisfied as I would have had the writers tied those loose ends with a bit more finesse I’ll probably remember the show for a while, and will keep an eye out for its actors in the future.

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. I’m also grateful his family and Song Hee were dumped from the story. The first heroine with a good spine! Back in the kitchen, Dad offers Jung-woo some sage marital advice: And I don’t remember the name if it’s a boy. Dissenter April 28, at 1: Waode Ningsy Mei 08, 6:

Isn’t that a guy who can’t even mop up after himself? On a side note, this drama totally made me fall in love with JSW! That family, indeed, was a broken one, and without the one glue to hold them together, they were not gonna be happy.

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It also managed to remain an actual comedy through most of the 16 episodes. Yet, it worked spectacularly for me sinipsis I can think of two reasons for it. And going to watch “feast of the gods” now because of him.


It was a small part of the episode, but I enjoyed Jung-woo having a team of supporters. The noble idiot thwart reminded me of Master’s sun where Gong Hyo Jin’s character spills the beans while she is drunk.

Jung-woo gives a heartfelt speech about how he came to realize that he still loved Ae-ra, and how he overcame his resentment. Thanks so much for recapping for us and congratulations on your baptism of rom-com. That was such a good watch.

I’m bemtara sure many people could play the character with such a nice combination vulnerability and toughness. Although the tarot card makes her uneasy, she points out how special it is to love someone not once, but twice. Need I say more? His character deserved so much more than just being the annoying love triangle 3rd party.

A really great take on a tired cliche! I miss this drama It’s so gratifying to see LMJ’s transformation towards maturity without losing that her signature spunkiness and bubbly presence.

The character as written was an embodiment of all my pet peeves about drama heroines: They bicker back and forth about baby names, letting us know that Ae-ra is expecting. Heck, they were my first ship in history and I thought “shipping” two fictional characters was very silly before watching.

Most romantic comedies I episoode are funny and cute only up to the halfway point.

Rindang Dasih April 22, Pasta4Me September 3, at 9: I really adore that man too. This wasn’t perfect by any epiosde, but it was still one of the most satisfying kdrama ends in a long time.

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Jika ada masalah terkait hal ini, Anda dapat menghubungi kami disini. The description was definitely misleading but I think the name worked just fine. Jung-woo is instantly smitten, while Ae-ra looks him up and down with a sly smirk. I’m thinking, My Sassy Wife I had fun watching it and it kept me interested the whole of its run.


But just them made me wait anxiously every week to watch new episodes. Joo Sang Wook’s expressions and adorkableness needs to be in another romcom soon.

She is super beautiful, as the wedding pics at the end attest; as did the flash back of her being Exam Town Madonna. Min Jung and Sang Wook.

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They even had a follow-up moment in the Big Glass Elevator, but that was bentar end of any interaction between them. Lee Min-jung – I think, if a different actress had played across from JSW, he would have been stealing scenes left and right. All in all, i know this is not typical heavy melodrama, but its in my top 5 series to watch! But, was it only me, or did you guys think the guy who plays jun woo looks like song seung hyun?

I think the only loose end for me was Manager Kang’s toothache, but then I realized that the story was probably created because the actor probably injured his face and the best thing to do is try to let that storyline die as soon as the actor’s face recovered. The Noble Idiot Thwarted!