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He has settled here after peering into the party to witness Kang-sook presiding as hostess, singing a song for the guests. On their way home, Hyo-sun has one thing to ask: Eun-jo is scared to believe her mother, but asks tentatively if she really means it. Her hurt plays across her face, and a tear even glints in her eye. She had to consciously make the decision to sacrifice her possible road to freedom in exchange for her mom’s happiness. I just kept hoping, and praying that things would be better to no avail it would seem. I suspect she told herself it was all an act, but perhaps a small tiny, minuscule part of her wanted to be the wife he thought she was.

Therefore he gives his father no right to dictate how to live his life. JB, your last paragraph here on your reflection about Eun-jo is a total winner. It’s so nice to finally get complex, multidimensional characters, after years of clear-cut good-guy, bad-guy dramas. I could be going crazy here Aw, bye bye, Eun-jo-is-my-woman bat. I wish there would be more development of the romantic story line though! Both sisters’ have a point and they sorta act like real sisters. He asks Hyo-sun to name the person, feeling she is the most appropriate person to decide, and gives her a day to think about it.

From personal experience, there are people who I sinopssi who are still running away from their childhood demons, and they’ve been running away for more than three decades.

People start changing themselves, both for the better and worse. Hope you dont tire yourself out with all the recapping! The latter smiles warmly at her; she rolls her eyes in a surly gesture.

A few laugh out loud moments. And for ten episodes we saw her intentions remaining shut up inside her, such as with her imagined embrace of Hyo-sun in the last episode.

It would’ve been okay for a light drama, like “You Are Beautiful”, sinopsiss –well, it just looked goofy. So when she’s all alone again she lost that identity. I agree that those things make her a more complex character,but I liked the idea of her being a pure villain.


Every time she sees Hyosun or everytime Hyosun touches her, it is probably like someone screaming “you are a horrible bitch!

But as a character she is just so much fun to watch. It’s very early on though and the story it seems, is going to be dpisode strong one. Yeah, in the end this drama was really disappointing He reminds her that he was quite important in bringing the workers back, as though to defend his worth.

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Whats more, I dont think anyones ever called her that before either, in that gentle tone without any expectations etc. For some strange reason i cannot hate them. But, Seo Woo’s face bothers me so much that it overshadows her credible acting ability.

Just one thing, the last line where you wrote that Eun Jo sees relieved, i actually never thought it was a look for relief, i thought it was more a look of surprise. It’s so refreshing to see a drama where everybody has their natural hair color. So meh, the ending left much to be desired but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy following it. Or maybe he should let them pay him off handsomely in exchange for his silence. This show looks like it’s going to be amazing.

Archived from the original on 18 April Kang-sook is startled to see Hyo-sun crying and wipes her tears away gently. Hyo-sun turns to Eun-jo: But I do see what the fuss is about.

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Lovelines are built up in a very- extending far downward below a cinderellaa way. Then, without my knowledge, I became unable to see him at all.

I was totally hoping Eunjo would be cold forever and run away with Jungwoo. One can argue, well that’s not really why I choose to watch a Korean drama, stepsistsr at that point, i agree, CS is frustrating, terrible, but I argue that the discontinuity, the loose ends, the possibilities that are full of uncertainties for these characters in the future – THAT”s what makes the drama timeless.


I feel your pain, and I really appreciate the commentary at the end. Eun-jo calls Jung-woo to let him know that someone is driving Jang ajusshi home, and asks him to call her when Ki-hoon leaves. Hilariously, just as he grumbles over her unconcern, SHE trips and falls. He comes inside to grab a cask, then warns Eun-jo not to stay in this room for too long, lest they be discovered.

She definitely deserves an award for her performance. I knew this drama is good but after seeing cniderella of those angry and crying faces, I thought I may drop this drama for a while Finally, we get to epksode some movement in plot and character development! So screw the happy ending, give me a dose of hopeful reality and dreams with wings. But she seems to regress right back to her needy and overly-sunny childhood self in the first few episodes.

Her tone is imploring, but Mom neither notices nor cares, assuming that Hyo-sun asked Eun-jo to say that.

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Eun-jo runs all the way to the bus stop, calling out his name, and when he sees her coming, he runs to her. Thank you for the recap! cindegella

Do you not know what I mean? Two men appear and inquire after her: Hyo-sun comes in to tell her that all the elders have reneged on selling their shares to Hong Ju, which is no surprise to Eun-jo since she knows sniopsis score.

Episode 6 by Helcat. At the same time, there’s a darkness, wickedness, twistiness, about it. I didn’t enjoy any of it. Ki-hoon happens to overhear the guy on the street, introducing himself by his real name over the phone.

MGY is sinoosis very talented actress.