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He describes a place makes a delicious Bouche de Noel and she knows what it is. After Se-kyung and Seung-jo high-five in the car, Seung-jo wants a reward from Se-kyung for being so good. I wonder what YJ would do if she knew SK’s white rabbit was no other than her ex-bf or betrothed I agree as well! It was a pretty unsatisfactory episode indeed. Ladytron33 December 19, at

I would be absolutely fine with, let’s say our Doc – smart guy and as a doctor probably wasn’t dirt poor either: Seung-jo confesses his true identity, and Se-kyung pretends to be shocked. With the startling realization that the Se-kyung he loved was the same Se-kyung that manipulated him, Seung-jo runs in the hope of reuniting with his love. I LOL’ed and rewound at that scene, too. I think he is pretty over what happened with YJ, so to me the ending was more to just annoy the hell out of dad. Now that I think about it critically, Se Kyung is just able to assess a situation and think on her feet quicker than Yoon Joo.

Seung Jo walks down the street and does a little hop skip action.

If he hears it from someone else, he will have sinopzis to prepare himself before he faces Se-kyung again. It could have been better but neither was it the worst.

After that scene I felt sure that if Se Kyung told him he would be able to understand. Basically Park Shi Hoo is having so much fun in this drama and I love it too! Is it for a meeting with the in-laws?

Well, what are the families to do now that Seung-jo has announced his intention to marry Se-kyung? Apparently the Korean-American actor in “Lost” who was cheomgdamdong a native S. He figures out that Seung-jo approached Se-kyung as a episodf, but she found out that he was really the CEO. Changing “classes” is definitely possible.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 6 Recap

I absolutely agree with you. I always get weary when there are no previews because it often means life-shoot crazinessbut dramabans this case, it could also be a strategic choice see how everybody craves every little detail about this drama?! Though SJ’s probably a little crazier.

She could have shown us that a woman can rise above such petty things like love and really achieve her own ambitions, which is what I thought she really was. Then Seung-jo will only have good memories of her, and she will be able to come back more successful and able to marry someone better than Seung-jo.

I missed all the secondary characters by the end, though I appreciate the attention paid to Tommy Hong and Yoon Joo. I’ll pass on the praise to cheogdamdong But yes, the French here is unbearable. For me it was a welcome change from far too many other dramas where the heroine spends half her time over-acting, sinnopsis and screaming. MGY looks really pretty as a bride.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 11 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I thought the scene with Seung Jo and Yoon Joo was powerful and loved how it shed so much light on both characters. Wow, that was a completely satisfying ending! Seung-jo is my favorite character I was so glad the cute was back and I don’t want him to be hurt.

At least with Seung Jo and Min Hyuk we got to see how 2 very different personalities dealt with knowing a gold digger. She put in effort, but she chose a wrong method or didn’t have any help. Her lack of details and study abroad merit her a D. That those moments were crazy funny instead of humourous? No, they don’t have to agree with it, or like it or believe it.


Just like that little hidden under his blanket. The more gleeful Seung-jo is, the more disappointed he will be later. However, when you have “top” actors, when you start with an ambitious-looking agenda that intends to drown the evils of social pretense and vanity with a storm and end up not being able to even convince me why the characters did what they did – and btw Han se’s “big sin” – the situation wasn’t even realistic enough – what was that about? He will unite three major groups in the fashion industry: Maybe he realize Se-kyung loves him sooooo much that he’ll forgive her and they can live happily ever after.

Good riddance to them. So I’ll probably watch it when I have time. Hmm, SK is also brokenheart! Ally January 8, at 5: Then they are in the car and he does the crazy thing with the steering wheel and it’s day. It just emphasizes their 9-year age difference.

And yes, she has everything to lose at this point. Ratsuki January 22, at 4: They got married in Paris, but she left him. This waffling back in forth between if she wants to be a gold digger or not is tired. You have to naturally be surprised.