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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cold hearted or arrogant heroine who was also the comic element in the show. She may not ever want to see him again after hearing what he has to say, but Seung-jo feels like he must say it anyways. I’ve been half invested in this drama but now I think I’m gonna definitely watch it. Her lack of details and study abroad merit her a D. Thanks for the recap. Il-nam appears behind him, and nonchalantly confirms that he did purchase the painting a long time ago. Because the old lady president from drama I Do, I Do, seemed kind of happy about her choice.

She then writes a letter to Secretary Jin that she likes him. It’s one of the best dramas I’ve watched in recent history, love it, love it love it!!! Human never works like that. Even Yoon Joo is telling her how impossible and stupid that prospect is. In Hwa and Se Kyung are both the same. I see than the usual guilty parties agree on that episode.

I love this drama for that.

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It probably would’ve sihopsis cute. Cause Seo Yoon Joo would need at least one good friend, if not a nice husband. Thank you for the recaps! Cinderella sister was the reason I start loving her and start watching and searching for all her dramas and movies Identity is proving to be very fluid in this drama.

He hallucinates his younger self crying, and his mother comforting him. After posting, read yours and realized my redundancy. Same goes with other people, if we are watching the character and try to understand the character well by imaging ourselves in that situation, we will become more understanding with the character well. That even if she has genuine feelings for him, she will also still be using him. I seem to care for these fictional characters way too much.


Se-kyung tells him that the only way for them to stay together is if he can face the reality of who she is, and still accept her.

The most glorious days are the days we have yet to live.

I was all prepared to be crushed like Seung-jo was, and then out of nowhere they cut to show the name of the cafe Episode 5 by TeriYaki. That’s one reason why I like this show so much, nothing is as it seems and it makes me question everything right to the end: What are we to say of Tommy?

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Han Se-kyung’s actions makes him believes that love truly does exists, proving that his thoughts are right. He needs enough rest. He’s not entirely the victim with Yoon Joo.

She seemed so happy and free! She is going to take the bad road and make the worst decision of her life, under the pressure of society standards. Not knowing the truth, Cha Seung-jo finally tells Han Se-kyung who he really is.

Seung-jo walks around to greet the guests, but when he gets a moment with Dong-wook, he worries that Se-kyung may have left because of him. I like here better than soompi because You know in soompi there is more Psh spam than real comments Seo Yoon-joo pays an unexpected visit to Han Se-kyung’s house.

I do feel for Se Kyung, but I really just think she’s really incompentent in networking and finding a cheongdamsong. But by dabbling into the ‘dark side’, it has changed her somewhat even though she is still not comfortable with it.


Perhaps because I love her so much.

Woody December 27, at 1: If you understand what mgy is like in real life and how completely different she is to her character you will see how great she is The show was very clear on that, they went WAY overboard in showing us what sadness she had to deal with because the lack of money, this was a all a big attempt to soften our reaction when she went black. This drama kindof felt like multiple dramas in one, which sometimes made it hard to watch.

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I don’t blame her for taking the cynical route either. At least, I wasn’t surprised that Tommy Hong saw her as someone interesting.

Han Se-kyung runs out, crying, and writes down what she must do in the future in order to marry a rich man.

Love isn’t everything, she knowns it well. Now psyched, Seung-jo goes into his quiet space, takes a deep breath, and transforms into the smooth Jean Thierry Cha. I found mgy still too young looking against psh