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The same happened here. Episodes by LollyPip. I want to see this really wake him up. TS January 29, at 8: If one is guided by his emotions only, then such all-acceptance is not possible. I loved reading your insights and everyone else’s thoughts. I think either daddy or Yoon-Joo was the painting buyer. Simpletons January 9, at 4:

How will she react to the loss of BOTH her love and her white rabbit? She’s tenacious and focused. Annie January 30, at 7: Not only this, they said she isn’t beautiful and the other girl who plays YJ deserved to be the lead because her face is smaller and she is prettier – omg, really? And her complete breakdown as they say goodbye. I hope the whole SK secret gets worked out pronto! I have a feeling that in the end both SeKyung and Seung Jo will leave wonderland together.

So what exactly is Yoon Joo ready to do?

Nobody is that kind. I like the eyes half-closed theme in the end. I want to see this really wake him up. Does he treat people well out of kindness or because he has no choice? He is no more blind in his love than anybody else in this drama. ShinRaeMi07 January 30, at 6: He rushes into this new declaration so quickly that i worry for him and for those around him.

Actress lee bo young has once said about her character in drama my daughter, so young prt is she got a lot of negative comments for her character who become so cold toward her father and many audiences did not understand why her character react like that and condemning her. But we will see!!! After so many interesting comments that made me understand HSK character and her actions way epiosde, I still want to say that while I don’t actually hate her as a person, I do hate her actions though I understand them.


Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Furthermore, we now know that YJ did really love Seung Jo. I hadn’t thought of the split screens symbolizing the Cheshire cat, though I figured TH was never the intended White Rabbit to begin with. It’s why the pat endings all leave us with a bad taste in our mouths even if we ‘got what we wanted’ Nice Guy, I love you but you sibopsis me even as I was smiling for Maru and Eun Gi – we want to go someplace NEW. Please know how I am one of many who appreciate all the effort you put into this!

As for me now, waiting for the withdrawal syndromes to fade away He needs enough rest. I wanna see him suffer soon!!!!! I don’t feel the right to judge her either: That many rich people in one place, there had to be bodyguards and security. He’s not entirely the victim with Yoon Joo. I think it is clever that SJ’s and SK’s stories are separate but influenced alie each ceongdamdong.

How condescending to bash people for their looks. Wow — I love how frank and unemotional she is regarding how Se-kyung must have changed Seung-jo. And I cheongdaamdong thought about it, but Wonderland despite its name is sjnopsis place Alice wants to leave. Cha Seung-jo sees Han Se-kyung leaving unhappily when he is about to go home.

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I agree as well. They cannot open their bakery anymore and they are under much debt.

It would have allowed the audience to stop and think – was his love real? I questioned Tommy’s change in attitude towards Se-Kyung. Episode 6 by Helcat. I know he will be deeply hurt when the crap hits the fan and he finds out sk’s intentions. But all in all, thoroughly enjoyed this drama, though it did have some writing problems in the middle somewhere, but the rest of it including the soundtracks,love ’em! I’m sure she will feel more bad after knowing more about him.


If the objective was to get him to like her, she already did that, right?

I hope they start selling them soon, I’ll have one Love your plot twist: Frankly, this two need to figure out together how to protect each other: My initial thought was that it had to be his father Because now it’s wpisode lot more about Seung-jo’s ability to handle the secret. Laurita January 9, at 3: His doctor friend said, he was neither personae. SK, on the other hand, needs to sort out her priorities and she needs to take responsibility for her future pwrt than pin it on marrying rich.

Do not drag out secrets! It’s somewhat unfair to expect Seung Jo to accept the “dark” Se-kyung though, right? I should purchase a Samsung product.

Unless cast in stone ahead of time, or written with nervous rigidity, dramas will naturally gravitate towards the aluce interesting and well-played character.

Orion December 26, at 5: Sk – I had a really hard time understanding her and her actions this time around.

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Will we have a happy ending? She was cute and annoying in her pat drama, a proper bitch in Cinderella sister I can only hope that YJ will be there for Tommy Hong’s fall.

I’m currently reading ‘Vanity Fair’ and the plot synopsis drives an excellent point: I would love to see her in another sageuk drama!