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MY still gets put into a goat. Mia we are adult enough, yes During the Joseon era in the city of Miryang , Arang was the pure, beautiful, goodhearted daughter of a magistrate. Have you no sympathy? Jambo October 19, at 6: Not even the little Big Bad guy’s murdering minion. Sorry, this is so random. Thks to Marang team too.

Sorry, this is so random. I did miss the early comedy, but they sold the emotion so much that in the end it was just all about them earning their happy ending. All sappiness aside, I loved this ending. At least the fantasy mojo lets for tragic black mists and gaping hell tunnels. Jade is quite wise. Arang reawakens outside, in front of a gaping black vortex. Even an alternate ending for our characters.

She grew up without a mother and was raised by a wicked caretaker who conspired to have her raped and ruined by a servant, Baekga. Going to miss those two. Because both lived fairly heartbreaking lives in their previous existences, and this way I get the assurance of knowing they would enjoy every single last minute fpisode of the new ones. Give punishment or grants something to human. It is not epic nor it is technically perfect but it just stood there with lots sinopxis heart, zippy moments, and great fantasy horror saeguk.

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Who else clearly remembers the Jade Emperor telling his stoic-faced fairy that her expressions don’t call for many Reaper suitors? I think he actually did remember, especially after she called him Amnesia as a little kid, and just kept up the running gag to tease her. She gasps out his name, though, asking to be put down.

Sorry, but I cannot find any kind words for the wooden acting that everyone turned in for the final episode. In the dark, Joo-wal gets dressed, then blows out his candle. The concept itself is a tricky one to pull off, because if conveyed clumsily I could see this being a real disappointment of a resolution—you create a world and a problem, then pull the plug on the whole situation and just reincarnate them?


It would be quite cute to have him love her despite all those formidable and pretty much unbelivable stuff about past lives and thinking that they saved the gods together. As the town’s newly installed magistrate, he teams up with her to investigate the circumstances surrounding her death, which may involve the mysterious nobleman Joo-wal.

If he does not own his own time, then who does? Confucianism kinda blended into the fabric of society D October 19, at 5: I hope this will be good like AatM Face scrunch uh, squash and all. Thanks for the recaps, Javabeans! I, too, expected a more clever ending from this otherwise superb drama. Reincarnation is definitely not something that is out-of-the-blue in this particular drama.

It ended up coming off as kind of cheap.

Haha I pointed at her and said oh! By everyone, it can be supposed that she meant every single actor and actress from the leads and main supporting cast to the cameos and extras. Thank you for the recap!

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It is just suited with whole theme as living, love, death, memory and human desires. Joongirl October 20, at 3: BTW, you can shoot holes into this ending or try to improve it. That purse-y face the nobleman “dad” makes.

The little girl though was the cutest thing.

I would die just to spend 1 night with him. I have to say LMH acting is just plane awful though he looks so handsome. What a world of difference with Arang. If you trace back, the Jade Emperor came as a result of older Chinese beliefs which ran into Buddhism.

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Man, I already miss this show! Lily October 19, at 3: Mia we are adult enough, yes Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas South Korean historical television series South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings s South Korean television series Television series set in the Joseon Dynasty Korean-language television programs South Korean fantasy television series Ghosts in television. Kim Yoonmi October 19, at It didn’t end with a bang but it didn’t disappoint me.


Discipline her harshly and give her the life she never had. Her father, the magistrate, just believed that she dishonorably eloped with a man and so resigned his position swathed in shame. In the ending, kid Eun-oh was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot.

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I mean as a Goat in Heaven Alas, we know strength of character is not his forte. OMG, the way he looks can even make statue melted!!! For an end that is happy but entirely — satisfactory? So pairs of lovers who have formed very strong attachments with one another would have their fates and souls intertwined in their next lives and in the afterlife. Anyway, that’s what I know I also love how the drama highlights that Eun-oh had autonomy, the whole way through.

Whose child did Arang reincarnate as? A crazy girl spinning a crazy tale, having him really not believing in the existences of the supernatural this lifetime as he so pretended and insisted in his last — yet he loves and adores her in this life despite all of it. Wowow October 19, at I caught that, too. I didn’t mean I want him suffer