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And how will everybody in that farewell party react to this incident? Clara did not want her to go back as she knew that Mara is going to be a threat to her. Mamang knows that Alvira has deeper reasons on why she is doing this in which Alvira puts her life at risk with Gary’s presence. The loan is amortized over a fixed period, sometimes ending with a balloon payment. So they rode a pump boat for them to arrive there and suddenly Mara jumped out from the boat to get their things. Desiree then tells Clara that it will be better if she is going to see for herself that Mara and Christian are together already. Presidents Club Mortgage Banker:

As for Mara, she pretended to be still unconscious and finally Clara have decided to bring her to the hospital so that she can be treated. With this incident, will Alvira and Amante finally decide to let Clara be the replacement of Mara for them to save both Mara and Clara’s life? Kejarlah Jodoh Kau Kutangkap Sinema: Gary then tells Clara that he knew where his mother – Lupe already and is currently with the Del Valle family. But Clara refused for Gary has given her the money that she is expecting to have. Since Clara knows that everybody is against her already, Clara is desperate.

With a selection of local dishes, the Mai Kim Loan Hotel’s on-site restaurant offers a variety of delicious meals to try. Lupe then wondered why they both went outside and Gary hurriedly get the two boxes of angliny. Mara heard the news late and hurriedly went to see Christian. The book of truth was not successful burned, as Susan have read about this, episodde will not be stopped from revealing the truth to everybody.

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Clara episore so mad and hurriedly went back home where her mother – Susan David Mylen Dizon is there waiting for her.


Gary blames the Del Valle family because Clara choose them instead of him and Gary is so pissed with it. Gary then tells Clara that he is going to the court hearing again and asked Clara if she will go with him. Clara asks Mara to take back what she have told that Gary is just using Clara for his protection.

Mara Clara Episode 22 synopsis Mara’s father with Clara’s father as one team, sinosis they enjoyed camping for school requirement as father – daugther tandem.

Mayor Gonzales is shocked with Susan’s apology since there is nothing realy serious that has happened to Derrick. Clara juga adalah gadis yang juga bijak, manis tetapi manja. With this, Susan David Mylene Dizon will not tolerate her already for Clara is way too disrespectful and unkind to them already.

How will Alvira and Susan deal with dhaarma How will Mara and Christian escape from the room that is being locked by Clara? Alvira did not let Amante see Mara first since they have to talk about something.

Lupe then reminded Gary that she is going to forgive all the bad things that he have done if he is going to change for good. Lupe is very mad at Gary for hurting Mara where he promised to change for sniopsis already. Kejarlah Jodoh Kau Kutangkap Sinema: Mading Sejuta Cinta SineLove: Gary then tells Amante that he only wants Clara but then they all get on Gary’s way where Clara did not go with him living a new life together.

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Clara then tells Alvira and Amante that she is ready to be the exchange of Mara for her to pay back what she had done wrong in the past. Alvira is so depressed with Mara’s death. When will the exchange of daughters happen?

Susan David Mylene Dizon saw Lupe who is very stressed. Mara is so thankful to Christian because he have risked his life in protecting Mara during the stampede. Christian talked to Clara and said not to worry because everything will be fine. The day after, Gary was bailed out of Prison with the help of his daughter – Clara.


As for Alvira, she successfuly escaped from Gary and hurriedly rode a bus to move away from Isla Verde. And as for Mara, when they met at school with Clara, she told her that once she is going to hurt her again then she will fight back.

Mara Del Valle Kathryn Bernardo together with her family is preparing to leave now. Clara is shocked about this but must act like she is happy towards the success of her father – Gary.

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Alvira then thought that Amante is a stone hearted person where he can not forgive the one that has a big contribution in making his family fall apart.

Because anglin her talk to Mr. Clara then went to her room crying because her mother – Susan is protecting Mara against her again. Knowing that Clara is not that dharja anymore, her friends specially Desiree Francisco Kiray Celis tried to buy her some food. Ideas for saving money on your Westpac home loan interest costs.

The loan is amortized over a fixed period, sometimes ending with a balloon payment.

Ticketfast Delivery Not allowed in Pit Sections. Feedjit Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Mara can’t hide from Clara anymore and so she asked what Clara is doing in Isla Verde. Gary then tells his mother – Lupe David Gina Pareno that he is successful with all his plans.