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I really want her to put herself on the line. I honestly think the Kim Eun Hee storyline was a poor plotline so hopefully she’s gone for good. The four guys are playing billiards, and decide that whichever team loses will have to pay for the sashimi they’ll eat later. I watch my dramas very slowly, I can only take so much information at one time, and I like to process them, read the recaps, participate in comments and OTs, and so that takes some of my time as well. The young man also gets out of the car, and asks if he can make a phone call. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Thats one thing that really frustrated me about playful kiss was how Oh hani’s life revolved around Beak song jo. The recording ends and Yi Soo wipes away tears.

Yet she sees that Yi Soo is leaning towards the path that leads towards Do Jin. If not, is she crazy? I’ve noticed people going why is Yoon resisting so much? Romance Is a Bonus Book: Someone slap that silly bird. People run into each other all the time and if you need to find someone, you just need to run around for half an hour and you’ll find them. You completely missed what I said.

I think I get it a little bit now, but I didn’t when I watched the episode originally. Yoon and Tae-san mock him, saying how can a guy care so much about his looks. Slut shaming is just woman shaming basically sinopsia it’s the woman’s fault that so and so liked her because obviously women control men’s attraction and sexuality.


It’s kind of sad that it gent,eman 20yrs of philandering for him to realize it.

Just think of the horrendous missed opportunities. I thought that was important!!!! I had to pause it a couple of times to cry. I’m going to spoil Episode 16 a little bit since it’s sort of unimportant scene.

I assumed it was part of the language which it was but I became more curious the more I saw it being used.

The writers have done her character a disservice by portraying her so immaturely. But the guys catch him anyway, and Jung-rok ends up asking Do-jin where he bought the pink set. My guess EH didn’t want to take that risk of complicating her life with a free spirit young DJ while having hard time in pregnancy, thus she made that decision Thank you for the recaps Orangy. I am thankful for epiwode opening sequence and the awesome cameo.

A Gentleman’s Dignity 1-20 (Final)

Ivoire July 20, at 3: Gee,Me Ahri’s crying is annoying, but then I realized that when my daughter was that age, she cried a lot too although she didn’t whine. That eliminated him right out the bat.

Colin told them his date of birth and they didn’t relax until Do Jin admitted to being the father.

Difnity from the original on 8 March He asks if she was going to come back to him and she replies that she was on her way. So, I think there is more behind the shallow than we first see She makes her way to the table next to Tae San and sits like a queen while glaring at his blind date. Please enter your username or email address. Deep, deep, deep LOL down inside, he is a teddy bear somewhere. Taesan’s a definite factor in this relationship, big age difference or not.


No mom to bug Yoon to get married except for his dead wife-s mom?

A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 15 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I love A Gentleman’s Dignity. This character has so much potential, Im so disappointed in the lack of development in her AND the relationship.

In gdntleman of his frustrating Noble Idiocy, I feel sorry for Do-jin sometimes. As many of us being raised in Western cultures, its suffice to say that we arent entirely familiar with Korean expectations and societal views.

She needs to be a bit more honest with him, not send a bunch of hateful missiles at Do Jin. Ivoire July 20, at 6: I’m loved them in this episode. I love how the F44 stood up for Yi-soo. She runs to a karaoke place and sings her heart out until Tae San shows up.