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As such, their respective families are all excited to see them receive their commencement exercises including Greta and Audrey. Meanwhile, Ingrid also asks Dave to set up a meeting with his JR. When she gets to the hospital and is asked by the witnesses and her family who saved her, she says it’s David Garcia, Jr. Si Biang Kerok Episode 8 File: Si Biang Kerok Episode Part 1. Their families did not approve of the friendship. How long will JR be able to suppress his attraction towards Audrey? Little did she know that the greatest shock of her life awaits her as she stumbles upon Marlene in the same house that David supposedly bought for her.

Afterwards, he sneaks out of the house to go see Audrey at her house to unload his burden involving his father. The latter has even punished Audrey for rejecting Andrew Cheng Richard Quan during their first date by forcing her to drop out of college. But as time passes by, he becomes closer to Audrey as he acts as their bridge every time they have a misunderstanding. Much later, the two simultaneously had their sons christened as David Garcia Jr. Not knowing that Dave merely lied about his stolen phone because he knew that his parents would have a fit if they learned that he gave it away. Will JR ever see Audrey again? However, Marlene remains stubborn about her desire to be with David so she throws the money back at Elizabeth. As it happens, it seems that they both have feelings for each other but they simply have no chance to dwell so much about it because they are the best of friends.

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For the nth time in the past few days, Dave warns JR of getting too attached to Audrey, given that they have been the best of friends for so long. All grown-up now, Dave and JR cross paths in an interschool basketball competition. Dave is not one to back out from a fight though so he immediately beats up the poor guy. David “JR” Garcia, Jr. The Two Of Us Broadcast: Since then, Elizabeth had a private investigator look into Marlene’s background.

In fact, he even shares the whole story between him and Marlene to his friend Stanley. Meanwhile, Ingrid also asks Dave to set up a meeting with his JR. On the other hand, David is also coming to terms with the fact that JR seems to be his son with Marlene.

Both Lily and Stanley blame Audrey for it since it was her fault why Junior had to come running after their car that she accidentally stirred to life. Si Biang Kerok Episode 15 File: Dave’s family thought that JR just wanted to use Dave for his money. Unbeknownst to her, David was already married to Ingrid by then. Diposting oleh Asep Hendra Hidayat di But their father allowed the friendship to continue, because there was something about JR that David Sr.


His father, David Garcia Sr. We use Mp3 TO, as it aims to facilitate you remember the name of our site. And has Audrey really forgotten about Dave? When JR learned that they were actually looking for a different guy, he goes in search for the other David Garcia to give him a dose of his own medicine.

Dave’s grandmother, Elizabeth, suspects and so does JR’s mother, Marlene, but nothing stops these two from becoming best friends.

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Truth be told though, David has recognized her from his past. The fact that they have a son changes everything, kkerok, because he wants to do the right thing by taking responsibility towards JR. They assumed that it was JR because of the name on his jersey so they instantly attacked him. Then to her shock, the latter suddenly frames her up by accusing her of stealing and attempted murder.

It kept her updated about her pregnancy and the fact that she plans to give away her baby once it was born.

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But since JR remains stubborn with his desire to be friends with Dave, Ingrid wages war against him and his impoverished family. Episode 17 – The truth finally comes out Graduation day finally arrives and both JR and Dave are top honors of their class. All New Update MP3. As it is, Loretta has enough problems at home already. This comes as a complete surprise to David since he really has no idea on the schemes Elizabeth has been doing all this time.

This means that Audrey is left with no one else to take care of her except for Dave who has become her closest friend. Thank you and credits to http: Little did she know that the greatest shock of her life awaits her as she stumbles upon Marlene in the same house that David supposedly bought for her.

Little did he know that Dave has given the application for scholarship to JR whom he thinks is more deserving of it than him. Episode 8 – Audrey returns to Manila While waiting for Stanley to come home, Rita tells Loretta to give her a massage. JR brings Greta with him too and this paves the way for the latter to see Dave again.

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In fact, he seems jealous when Dave calls Audrey to tell her that he is also coming home to see her. Prior to her arrival, however, Dave has met a certain Doris Pineda Gretaan entertainer in an upscale club.


Then the next day, they all decided to go sightseeing. JR stumbles upon her first and something in his gut tells him that they have already met before. After the games, however, a player from another team confronts Dave about his arrogance while in the court. Will he ever find out the things that Greta is forced to do just to raise enough money for him to pay the town official who threatens to sue him for physical injuries?

The lives of Dave and JR are bound to become more complicated, however, as the latter begins to grow fonder of Audrey. But Stanley advises him that doing so will only complicate his life.

Loretta is then rushed to the hospital while Stan tearfully relays what happened to Audrey over the telephone. Fortunately, Marlene and Greta have immediately stopped an ensuing brawl between the two boys who have been the best of friends before.

So the next time JR bumped into Audrey at the church, he was surprised that she acted as if she has no idea who he is. We provide specialized portal is not for illegal activities such as illegal music sales, doubling, and other things that violate copyrights. The fact that he gave it to JR, however, fails to appease Ingrid, who is being paranoid about the whole issue. Will Elizabeth be able to stop the past from resurfacing back in their lives?

As it was, Ingrid had a difficult pregnancy while Marlene was going to have twins at the time. Though it was clear that David had no intention of having a relationship with her, Marlene insisted to look for him in Manila to tell him about their baby. Better yet, they have become fast friends after that. What David wants is to tell Ingrid all about it for it to be done and over with. As a matter of fact, this has created a rift between David and Ingrid as the latter discovers that he went out with the two boys while they were in Manila.

Luckily for Stanley, he still have an eldest son, Junior, who stands to inherit the family business.