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The form found in our record resembles that in in line 20 of the Wadgaon plates of Pravarasena II. One finds it difficult to completely agree with the view that this Rashp-akuta record is a spurious one. Nalanda Inscription of Dharmapaladeva, year 4. Eventually, Parvati succeeds in removing all hurdles from her and the Aggarwal familys life, and they live happily ever after. Then follows the invocation verse No. Soniesvara is identical w ith the ruler of the same name, w ho flourished in the imperial Chahamana dynasty of Sambhara and Ajmer and who succeeded Prithvibhata or Prithviraja II on the Chahamana throne. Although in later times this system did not retain that much popularity, we have quite a few examples of season dates in Vakataka inscriptions. The grant was issued at the time i.

But no direct evidence has been encountered in any of the primary or secondary sources which could associate Janesiri with any of the known mahasenapatis of the Deccan. Then follows the genealogical narrative starting from Vijayaditya I and ending with the issuer of the charter verses ; lines So, let us turn to Sanskrit literature for help. See also The Palas of Bengal, ch. It has always been among the top 10 shows in the last 6 years, in the 1st week of the show stood at 4th position with tvt ratings. The present epigraph is engraved on what is said to be a big quadrangled pillar, discovered near the caves stupa site in the monastery area at Guntupalli. The phraseology of the record, although faulty and incomplete, presupposes some stan- dardised forms and phrases found in other Sanskrit charters of the early Pallavas applying the same phrases indiscriminately to different members without any significance. The improved readings will be shown with reference to the earlier readings while discussing the relevant portion.

The author describes Nandivarman II and his three predecessors by employing three or more epithets for each. Katlapairu Grant of Vijayaditya. The ends of the ring are joined to the sockets of a receptacle worked like a full blown lotus spread along the ring at the bottom of a circular seal about 9 cms in epiwode and 1 cm.


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In this connection it may be pointed out that Eepisode. The fifth verse following the imprecatory verses, although it exhibits Prakrit influence, is totally corrupt.

The show has achieved high ratings throughout its run irrespective of the Indian Premiere league. The inscription commences with the auspicious word dm expressed by a partly damaged symbol.

Then the victorious reign of samasta-rajavah-purvvaka-paramabhdtlaraka-Maharajadhiraja- paramesvara Arnurajadeva is mentioned.

Monday line 9 which corresponds to A. The set consists episodd five copper-plates held together by a copper ring of diameter 7 cm and thickness 0. XLII Bhagavadgita too tells us that the ideal sage would meditate on the Supreme who is coloured like the Sun, just going beyond the darkness, i.

Full text of “Epigraphia Indica Vol. 42”

The word devaradevah occurs in Kannada language and it stands for the Sanskrit word devasya devah, ra forming the genetive suffix in Kannada grammar. Then follow four verses lines which 6577 to Silabhanja and his son Satrubhanja. But here three sukshetras or three fertile fields are separately specified.

This Vijayaditya is known to have ruled upto A. Episoxe reconstruct the Salahkayana chronology. His fame, like that of Indra, purified the faces of the directions defiled by the wicked Kali. Banoo Main Teri Dulhann.

Vol XX, pp 2 V. XLII proficiency of scholars. All the five plates are uniform in size with unraised rims.

It begins with the symbols for siddham and dm. Ours is, thus, the first record of the twenty-sixth year to be reported so far. The left vertical of b is open.

Then follow the valedictory sentence and imprecatory verses The word uhchha means ‘gleaning’, ‘gathering grains’ and unchha-vritti stands for ‘the 1 See, eg.

The show went on-air on July 28, and it airs from Monday to Friday at 8,30 pm, with its repeat telecast sikhqram 11,00 pm and the next day at 3,00 pm on SAB TV. It is not clear from the epigraph what Namadeva did to warrant his mention therein.

Guntupalli Pillar Inscription of Salartkayana Nandivarman. The inscription is partly in prose and partly in verse. On seeing him endowed with several gem-like qualities, the goddess of wealth offered oblations of water to the comforts she accrued from her stay in the abode of Hari in other words she deserted her lord Hari and took shelter under the king. Verses extol Kalyanavati, sikharak wife of Narayanadeva.


Golati may probably be identical with Goaljai.

It bears registration No. Shandala can be identical with Samara. Director EpigraphyArchaeological Survey of India, Mysore, for a photograph of the record for my study. On the basis of the length of the lines of this epigraph, it is possible to surmise that the length of the lines of our present inscription must have been originally 3X cm. However, it is possible to 1 R. The rule of his successors Palaeographically the present plates can be roughly assigned to the later part of the fifth centurv A.

Naira and Kartik have feelings for other, unaware that it is love.

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So the reckoning in the record cannot be considered to be of the Jovian cycle. Panjim Plates of the time of Harihara n, Saka The show explored wpisode worlds of its protagonists Parvati Aggarwal and Om Aggarwal, the show is the story of the sons of Vishwanath Aggarwal and their children thereof. Gopinatha Rao, op citpand Appendix C. Kumaramurti is stated to have developed differences with his erstwhile lord mentioned as Tondaman and Kaduveqi and, as a result, migrated to Vertgi-desa, wherein he settled down at a village called Undi.

Lines state that the record was engraved by vanika suvarnakara Sivanaga, the son of Pandi. Historians were of the view that Devapala c. This probably suggests that there had been already some or many such institutions in the region to which Hastivarman added some new ones.