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So much fucking detail is used, it’s absolutely amazing. First figure I ever bought was of Kuroko. Sent with Mal Updater. Despite their reputation they all let their emotions control their actions. Originally Posted by Tabris. Waiting to see what Triage X is like. Next week looks brutal The sound design in this show is really impressive, so is the music.

Started Denpa Kyoushi, not the best animation quality but fun to watch. BBCode “Let justice be done, though the heavens fall. Because it wouldn’t kill Gauna, just slow it Of course, I obviously haven’t watched those anime, but I still know how they work. Saw the whole ’emotions getting in their way’ coming from a mile away. Even if Akai went straight for gauna’s core, Gauna’s tentacles would have breached Momose’s cockpit and killed her instantly.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Momose freaked out too much after his death haha, to think she was part of top squad.

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Having said that I really do wish they portrayed female pilots in a more positive light. Reminds me of some of the older Gundam series in terms of mercilessness.

The whole feminist rant. Page of First Despite their reputation they all let their emotions control their actions. Well there was certainly no time wasted with that slaughter. Next episode preview looked like shit’s about to get real. See I first saw this mentioned and sort of assumed it just had animr4fun do with the blue ray releases. When that guy said ” Let’s photosynthesise together” was he saying “Let’s have sex”?


I got extremely excited. With the best team wipe epixode now I wonder how they can handle it now?

No marriage crew at least with western girls I keep it real, G. First few chapters i didn’t like the main character but holy fk dis this pick up.

Momose was rather useless. Fuarkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk for the masterani streaming brahs. Originally Posted by Jattfusion. Looking forward to the next episode. The ed is very good though. Geeez, why didn’t they just kishk that damned Gauna?

I really hope not all the females will be useless damsels in distress like Momose was. He had no choice after all. I feel bad his sacrifice is for nothing. The king has stepped in Sidonia. Last Jump to page: Even this trailer looks so crisp.

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Nagate to the rescue? Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. This is probably going to get even more exciting since now the top pilots in the academy have been decimated.


You can link your MAL to a masterani account. Sidonia no Kishi Episode 3 Discussion. Totally didn’t expect that. Kuroko is best girl. That was brutal O. That would have totally ruined the serious atmosphere this show has. That Kunato is such an asshole oO And if that Akai had destroyed the core instead of going to rescue Momose, wouldn’t he have succeeded and by that saving his girlfriend? Then again that’s what they get for trying to be heroes. It’s not a feminist rant, I just find it annoying that female characters are so often depicted in this manner in action animes.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. They need to put him in more of the show. How can you absorb sunlight and make it into chemical energy together?