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The comedy duo’s first sketch show, which launched both of their careers. Full Cast and Crew. Retrieved from ” https: The mishaps of slacker Lee, Lee’s best mate Tim, Lee’s long-suffering landlady and the love of Lee’s life, Lucy, and Tim’s well-meaning but dim-witted girlfriend Daisy. Ophelia tells Dan that she is intending to call the wedding off, but he talks her into going through with it. Hannah embarks on a dating frenzy after signing up to the latest new mobile app – but the guys she meets are never as hot or cool as their profiles suggest. She claims that, like Annette’s year-old son Charlie, her brother Dan, who is the same age, is also in a wheelchair. Share this Rating Title:

West London , U. Dan starts working for his dad and through sheer luck impresses him – until Charlie and Annette are angry with him, but Hannah’s threat to Annette to expose the threesome means that she allows her to keep her job. When he is sacked, she seeks to impress his successor Annette Walker Tracy-Ann Oberman and make her colleague Kevin seem bad by making up stories about him being unreliable, ill and homophobic. When Sheriff becomes ill and has to be taken to hospital, Dan becomes best man. Dan proposes to her in a restaurant; she turns him down and walks out. Hannah replaces a dancer who had to quit due to being injured on-set. At the class, a young man called Ralph is also dancing with his mother.

Hannah wants to avoid heading in to work for the annual auditbecause it will mean having to work later than usual. TV Series I’ve seen. Leslie says that she is homeless after splitting up with her partner Spike and needs to stay there for a couple of nights. Dan accompanies Hannah to the school, where he befriends three nerdy thirteen-year-old boys, whom he brings home to play video games and board games with. Hannah and the children are surprised to see Mr Foley, naked with an erection.


Dan’s inability to do so due to dancing with Marion means that Hannah has to go in.

BBC Three – Siblings

The pair are again attracted to each other and attempt to rekindle their relationship. Hannah falls for busker Bryn, who used to be in a rock band. Siblings The opening title sequence of Siblings. On the plane with George, she takes one of his sleeping pillsand tries to force a noisy child to swallow it. Learning that they have been bullied by Tom Flack the younger brother of Jamie Flack, the boy who beat him up at school “just for being different”, Dan organises a fight in the playground between the three and Tom to get his belated revenge.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Retrieved from ” https: At the class, a young man called Ralph is also dancing with his mother. Hannah has been tasked with looking after George Harper, an arrogant American consultant from their New York office who is there to dismiss staff.

Desperate to keep him in London and have sex with him, Hannah reunites him with his old band. Following BBC Three’s move into an online based channel, on 18 Julyit was announced that no third series would be made.

Dan warms to Rich who gives him a part-time job as his receptionistsadly unaware of how gormless he is. Marion refuses and dislikes Leslie because ccomedy is a scrounger and criminal. Gregg confronts his children about how much trouble they have each caused.

Dan is surprised to see that Hannah has brought Sandy home. Hannah and Dan are surprised when their property developer father, Gregg, has organised himself a birthday party. Dan starts working for his dad and through sheer luck impresses him – until After graduating from university, twenty something year-olds Meg, her cousin Bunny and their friend Laura share a flat and face xiblings ups and downs of love and life.


A second series was commissioned by the BBC on 10 September before the first series had finished airing. Gavin and Stacey have been continuing their romance on-line and by telephone for the last six months. At Dan’s suggestion, Kevin burns his possessions.

TV review: Siblings on BBC3 is a watch-at-the-gym programme

A part-improvised comedy about a couple bringing up their three young children. Dan is heartbroken when he finds Izzy having sex with a young man in a cupboard. Retrieved 10 September It ends horribly for Dan when he electrocutes himself with two dildos which he had wired to a car batterysuffering electrical burns to both his hands. Yes No Report this. Dan goes to Hannah’s office nbc3 return their coffee machinewhich Hannah took vbc3 three months earlier.

She gets away with doing little work because her alcoholic boss Andy does not notice. Hannah agrees with Ellie that she will drop the case against Ellie if Ellie refuses an offer of a summer placement at her office.

Hannah tells Dan that she remembers Sebastian being part of a hazing ritual during freshers week at her university in which she was covered in cream. She asks Dan to pretend to be her doctor and tell her boss that she is too ill to come in. She goes into a Mercedes car which Ophelia’s father Charles has bought her for a wedding present.

Mr Foley hears banging noises from Lily’s room, so Hannah tells them to be quiet. Ralph becomes Marion’s new dance partner and she reveals that she has had sex with him.

Charles talks to his children and Hannah and Dan together to get them to keep the incest secret.