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Cajueiro da Praia km away. I had a wonderful time staying at Gustavo’s flat in Recife. The apartment is centrally located, spacious, and clean. There are many many bars in Recife, most, if not all, serving food as well as drinks. Fazem de tudo para que a estada seja perfeita. I had a wonderful time staying at Gustavo’s flat in Recife.

Everything was advertised and worked accordingly. All they ask in return is that you buy your food and drink from them. You will find similar churches full of splendour only in Salvador da Bahia or Ouro Preto. The chairs and the guy that moves the umbrella are free. A Gleicy fechou com chave de ouro nossa viagem. Do not miss Olinda or Porto de Galinhas. Santa Catarina mi away.

Zona Norte North Zone is mostly a residential area. Thanks for being able to take me in – even though I wasn’t able to make it after all! Hellyda let us drop our bags off before noon so that we could go out and explore the city. Universidade Federal de Pernambuco Theater. The largest green area in central Recife, with playground equipment, a petting zoo, and illuminated fountains.

I had an early flight to Salvador, and Karina made all the arrangements for me. My Brazilian friends warned me to be careful where I stayed – however the people in the neighbourhood were great and the apartment was accessible 24 hours with security always available.

I had a wonderful time staying at Gustavo’s flat in Recife.

Aflitos Stadium ; Sport Clube do Recife [] home: The view of the beach was spectacular and pool was nice to swim in. Zona Oeste West Zone is by far the greenest part of the city.


The staff are dressed as either police or outlaws. The location was very practical, meaning central to reach and easy to go around from.

You can arrive in cruise ships at the Port of Recife []. To get there by bus, take the local urban bus labeled Aeroporto. Steps away from the beach, the hotel houses Arrecifes Restaurant, which serves a blend of international and regional cuisine.

Ap lindinho no Recife Rua da Aurora- Centro. Robberies on streets entfada buses are fairly common.

Hotel Henrique Dias Hostel, Recife, Brazil

Self-service Middle Eastern food. We also got a little welcome present. The house is big and has a great vibe and our room had all the described amenities. Hotel Atlante Plaza is arguably the best hotel in Recife. The regional food has some peculiarities like Carne de Sol and buchadaa dish prepared with the stomach of billy goat. Excelente pra passar alguns dias, super recomendo! Only thing is the room we stayed in had an shoppinng conditioning but didn’t work and there was no hot water.

The national dw Feijoada a stew of beans, pork and beef, served with rice and Farofa is not very popular in Recife. Conde de Boa Vista Karina was super responsive and accommodating even before we arrived shopping Recife. Nova Prata km away. The center specializes in the “Armorial” Movement and also holds a significant portion of the pieces from the old Fine Arts School.

A enxergue por uma nova perspectiva. Great place to stay and feel atmosthere! It offers traditional Pernambucan food, such as buchada, as well as other regional dishes. The accomodation is wonderful. Mi casa, su casa Suite casal.


There might be a concert over there. I chose this place based on good reviews and it didn’t disappoint. Sun, Tue to Thu noon to 0: Valdemar de Oliveira Theater. Somos um trio em total sintonia. Reviews from guests who stayed in Recife. Yearly celebration of nordestino culture, with loads of traditional music and food. Jacobina km away. Holds a very impressive collection of Brazilian and European historical artifacts from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Recife [84]the capital of Pernambucois one of the largest important cities on the northeastern coast of Brazil.

Igarassuhome to Brazil’s oldest church and Latin America’s largest collection of barroque paintaings. Preferencia por mulheres, casais ou homens gays. You will find similar churches full of splendour only in Salvador da Bahia or Ouro Preto.

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Basically, if you see some plastic garden furniture in the street, you are looking at a bar. Consider taking a tour to a neighboring city or beach instead. Recife Contents ebtrada Understand 2 Get in 2. Excellent experience, the host is just adorable and the house clean, well situated and confortable.