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Cheers, you are most kind, I hereby announce you a supreme ninja who wears Blue Jeans, sports a sexy tash, eats octopus or is it octopi? It’s such a bad film and I didn’t think I’d ever want to go near it for a review but here we go. Stop whining, I got a small cameo in there from Caveman Wayne, that took some work I’ll have you know! I’ll get over it. You can buy one from our official store here. Shitcase Cinema fans really are the greatest thing since sliced bread

The plan was at the time for a review of The Expendables to happen, with Bruce and Maggit Man doing most of the review. The last one you might notice was in June , shortly before I was leaving to go backpacking around New Zealand, and as a result of my travelling it meant Shitcase Cinema has been somewhat dormant. All those science qualifications and intelligence can’t save Bruce from getting his fat finger stuck in a water flask. I would laugh so much at that also. So, the last few reviews on Shitcase have been interesting and challenging to make. As for when a full feature length ‘Interview with a Caveman 3’ will happen, I can’t say. I kind of explained it using a butterfly called Susan who returned my character so he could review shitty movies once again. Probably need to drink more booze and get my ninja training up to a supreme ninja.

By Halloween 3 – Shitcase Cinema review. The blood stained my face! Ninjas can do that. If I had to pick my tbe favourite Shitcase moments of then these little beauties would be there: Maybe it needed more Bruce? So what can I tell you here on the official blog that you can’t find anywhere else? Lots, but I’ll just mention a few bits and bobs as I’m too lazy to write a long essay — you have to think on, I’ve not written an update for over a year so I’m very rusty.

I also aim to get Professor Bruce to do more reviews himself. The best story ever though has to be from a night out. So what can you expect for ?

I love the fact there are still two or three fans still sticking by from those early days and for that I thank you, you know who you are. I’m the only one who writes these fridag blog updates so who else would you expect? Cheers, you are most kind, I hereby announce you a supreme ninja who wears Blue Jeans, sports a sexy tash, eats octopus or is it octopi? Man, reviewing that film was hard work even though there’s so much to take the piss out of.


On this note, it brings me to my current frame of mind with Shitcase. I remember coming up with that skit while in my hotel room in Las Vegas, I wrote down the idea and lines, and acted it out for the In Hell movie review. Well, that had to be recorded a total of three times on three different occasions, much to the annoyance of Bruce.

It would be amazing to say I’ve made a penny from my hobby and sell cheaper t-shirts than the online store, so if there is a significant demand anywhere in the world, I’ll send them wherever there are Shitcase fans I’ll get some printed up, alright?

Shitcase Cinema is now officially back after mere seconds. Monday, 12 May First update this year, wow! From the Battle Rats review. By Virus – Shitcase Cinea Review.

So, a shite film that I gave a shite score to and I had a blast ripping it to pieces. So thanks for reading, you instantly become a supreme Zardoz follower with ultimate ninja powers. Laughing is good for your health you know!

Had fun answering them, hope you enjoyed the answers. Zardoz knows but I’ve not seen him for a while. Staying on the subject of Susan, the last few reviews and upcoming reviews involve female characters called Susan.

Complete fail my friend, back to the dungeon for you! So that’ll do for now Shitcase followers, go practise your bad ninja dubbing skills and we will meet again.

Shitcase Cinema

Oh yo, I know I made a post about this late last year when about 5 people replied, but I’ve been thinking about getting some new Shitcase Cinema t-shirts printed up and sold myself. Speaking of, I have a video of compilation clips of ‘Bruce abuse’ from over a few years of Shitcase Cinema ‘meetings’ which I will upload at some point soon on the Facebook page.


Sunday, 4 November The end of Shitcase Cinema I’m not even sure right now as to what the next review will be. I don’t look after it any more and haven’t done for a while, there are a few people on there I trust to look after and respect it.

He deserves a slap for giving me this awfulness but in true Shitcase style I instead call him a supreme ninja, which he is.

I only shitczse it for the vinema on Zardoz and as soon as I saw a picture of Sean Connery in there dressed in his little red nappy I laughed to myself and wondered just what he would say if you asked him about that film now. It’s such a bad film and I didn’t think I’d ever want to go near it for a review but here we go. Oh, and a week in Las Vegas to attend the first ever Shitcase Cinema convention!

Shitcase Cinema

In a way, making the retrospective film is a closing chapter in the history of Shitcase Cinema. I love coming up with daft skits and telling Bruce to do this and that.

Zardoz has a grand plan in store for Shitcase Cinema, I’m sure of this. I’ll get over it. For im mature audiences only. By Camp Blood 3 – Shitcase Cinema. Yeah, I’m going backpacking so any New Zealand fans out there this could be your chance to meet your hero in the flesh. They’re fun to make as we simply sit, drink booze and be ourselves chatting about new movies coming out.

I know that sounds like the obvious thing to say, praising your latest work, but I really believe this.

A few days ago I uploaded the huge 25 minute retrospective film which took me a long time to put together, it frida by far the hardest thing I’ve had to edit for Shitcase over the last six years.