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The mother’s “I’ve had enough with losing children” caught me off guard and struck me. I mean the adaptation is based on a novel that won a prestigious SF award in Japan. I’m loving it already. Should I wait for subs to watch it? Eiichi Takahashi John Ledford. But the series is not based off a manga originally, it’s a from a book. I noticed some errors that made me lol, but it’s still good to understand, well not everything, but at least what’s going on.

O and the creepy music really kept me on edge. Sakiko Tamagawa ep The ED was really nice too. Hope you’ll you read it! Yusuke Shirai ep On that interview, What are some highlights in the animation, From the New World? It depicts a world that, in some sense, is a utopia. EveTaku will drop it cause its Simulcasted, Aidoru which is a new group so not too sure how accurate the subs are.

Connor Leach as Ryou. In thee end it depends how they choose to show it.

Shinsekai yori

About the religion, one of the things to remark are spiritual attacks such as Saki ahin to go through in the beginning. Hadena subs are out. Shinsekai yori Episode 1 Discu Been sometime since it had a serious theme like that. Shingo Yamashita ep 1. Australian Release List – May May 30, Rebecca Silverman digs in.


This, however, is t Sorry, AniList requires a modern browser. After finally obtaining her own powers, Saki enters the Zenjin Academy to train along with five other children: The overall theme fits well as well.

Shinsekai yori – Episode 1 –

It somehow reminded me of Muv-Luv’s OP, animeultjma terms of catchiness. Rebecca Silverman Oct 1, Detective Pikachu Film’s 2nd Trailer Streamed I don’t think they have the intention of ruining such a premise, but to make people more aware of the novel.

Aidoru, EveTaku and Hadena. Scotty Fults as Fujita Jakujou. If it plays out in a supernatural dimensional war like theme, then it’s definitely worth the watch. Shinya Takahashi ep That being said I think the studio should be a example as much as Little Busters will be and Clannad was. Asahi Production eps Okay I don’t know where all of this is going, but I sure as hell am looking forward to finding out! Steve Fenley as Council Spokesman.

Glad you got it As for your Yuri inclination, yeah I know I hope not. The art is simple, but it’s really really beautiful at the same time. On to other aspects of the process!

Yuuki Kaji as Satoru Asahina years old. Views Features Reviews Columns.

From the New World (TV) – Anime News Network

Aidoru subs are at Timing. As the Translator for Aidoru, we’re working on this and hope to have it out before CR’s stream. Here’s more from what he mentioned in the interview: No other comment on VN related to this.


Clint Bickham Executive producer: Chikashi Kubota Monster Design: Should I wait for subs to watch it? Indeed the manga goes a little too far. Clint Bickham as Shun Aonuma. Can’t wait to see how things unfold! Her world is ruled by the people who possess the “gods’ power” of psychokinesis. O and the creepy music really kept me on edge.

Brent Marshall Ricardo Contreras. About Maria, well for now I shall put the spoiler and in saying love her smile. There’s something very dark, eerie, and sinister about this show. Please upgrade to a newer web browser. An interesting first episode, amazing animation too. Daisuke Namikawa as Squera. Yui Horie as Reiko Amano ep 1.