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Witchblade TV Series Ouri Kagami 13 episodes, Stephen Hoff The other Shikabane hime’s are meh. Sadahiro and Akira start shooting down the purification chamber, shooting Hibiki’s coffin in the process. Ouri had been the sole survivor when Ouri’s mother kidnapped and killed many children when she became a Shikabane. Im sure as hell if they changed the plot to Minai being his hime, they could’ve made an independent plot from the manga saving the anime from its dreadful second season and it wouldve been a hell of a lot better alternate than the fuck up at the end of the anime series. Extravaganza Epoch Video Busy now, so I’ll watch it later.

Akasha breaks down in tears, but is relieved when the corpses still moves. What’s on Norman’s Watchlist? Makina is boring like the others. After failing to restore her body a week later, he stole secrets ritual scriptures before going rogue. She is hunted down by Saki Amase , who wields a giant hammer. It is revealed that Isaki wanted to kill his brother for wasting his inheritance to build the main hall inside the shrine. But one day, she became very ill, which led to her death. When one of the monsters spots him, he is saved by Shana, the great equalizer, who tells him he’s a fading spirit.

I will edit if her name is Minai. However, the job is made more difficult because Osaki has ties to organized yakuza mobsters, who interfered with the first assassination attempt after being tipped off by a mysterious monk. Wow, that was really sad. Her ultimate goal is to avenge the death of her family, by destroying the Shikabane known as the Seven Stars.

Ouri catches up with Nozomi, who is about to be consumed by her own “happiness” in a form of a Shikabane. Learning his lesson from the past, Takamasa unhesitatingly allows Itsuki to shoot Tomoharu. Views Read Edit View history.

A powerful exoskeleton, technologically ages beyond any current such tech, is found, dubbed “Infinite Stratos” and multiplied. I bet her back and shoulders ache often.

Corpse Princess: Part Two – Kuro

Despite Makina and Minai’s intervention in trying to kill him, Mitsuyoshi’s abilities hhime his fighting strength resist their efforts to subdue him. He had been raised by Makina’s parents as a child before moving into the orphanage owned by Riko when he got older.


When Hokuto sees this, she brutally murders Akasha and escapes with Hazama. I Am Your Father!

It would have been “Good End” if Ouri could’ve made a contract with Minai though. As much as I wanted that jerk of a monk to die, it was not worth the price of Minai’s life.

In the purification chamber, Hokuto breaks through the barrier created by the bishop Tokihana Shiou and punches right through his body. My only complaint about this episode is that big boobs don’t fit the the black bra nee-chan, proportion-wise. It is revealed that Tomoharu became a Shikabane four years ago to control the cars driven by young drivers and cause collisions.

It is explained that Akasha was the sole survivor of a suppression unit that were after a group of powerful Shikabane five years ago, and his Shikabane Hime was split in half during the battle. His training is cut off when an incident at the purification chamber occurs. Aka Shikabane Hime: On October 24,the thirteen episodes began airing online with English subtitles through Funimation’s official YouTube, Joostand Hulu. Just common fan service on purpose of her I would think logically.

The Bonds of Reasoning Star Ocean: Rika and Saki inform Ouri that a revived Keisei has been spotted in the mountains. Lol this is Gainax we are talking about, they are known for drawing big breasts. Later, Kamika Todoroki informs most of the other Shikabane Hime that Makina has gone missing, but they know that she is fine because Ouri is with her. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: I was in tears. Gaina Khara Gonzo Trigger.

At least Isaku got what was coming to him.

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Classmate Mizuki Inuhiko enters his room and smacks Nozomi in hopes of getting her back to normal, but as Nozomi escapes, Mizuki tells Ouri that Nozomi loves him. Kowaku and Akasha attack Makina and Keisei at the temple grounds. aaka

Ena is uncovered to be the one disguised as Keisei, reappearing with duplicates of Keisei. Shakugan No Shana — Witchblade TV Series Her names is Shkabane cause the Japanese tend to speak quite fast sometimes to be honest. When one of the children has gone missing, Ouri runs to the riverbank, only to find a group of children near Hizuchi, who reveals he was killed by Ouri’s “mother” in the past, having a grudge against Ouri for episoe the only one left alive.


She was episkde good Shikabane even if her sin was bad. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. While playing a soundtrack from Osaki’s album cover, Keisei gives Makina a hand in destroying Xhikabane. I’d rather watch Minai be the main hime in the anime adaptation.

When Hizuchi prepares to finish Ouri off, Makina arrive just in time to help, allowing the both of them to take Hizuchi down. Ouri had been the sole survivor when Ouri’s mother kidnapped and killed many children when she became a Shikabane.

Akasha explains to Makina that Hokuto was born and raised to be a human sacrifice, but instead she turned into a Shikabane with no regrets in her life, being defined as death itself. Lists of anime akaa. After he loses control when he remembers his childhood, he is then kicked him out of the sect, being relieving of his job as a Contracted Monk, much to his worry. Diebuster Gurren Lagann The Movie: Although Rinsen advises him not to, Ouri decides to become a Contracted Monk to honor Keisei’s name and look after Makina’s welfare.

Meanwhile, the Seven Stars are discussing sbu next scheme to defeat Makina, and Ena will be the first to pursue her. Ebglish, this episode pretty much killed that option. Most of the other Contracted Monks and Shikabane face off against Isaka and Toya, being able to defeat the both of them.

With a new resolve, Makina destroys Kowaku, which drains much of Ouri’s energy. Akasha decided to make Hibiki his Shikabane Hime. Infinite Stratos TV Series