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Most soulful scene of shehr e zaat. All the best always! That quote hit home for me. Some people may try to use the same tricks as the drama saas etc, others may see the big mess it creates and learn the lesson not to act in ways she has. Again, Thank you Team SeZ for this masterpiece. She at the peak of her life found herself and her beloved and her face is now lit with noor.

And also the last scene was a great way to end the drama. Lee Ah Ree Video release date: I remember reading this when it was first published — yep totally pissed me off. As I mentioned above they need to stop trying to put music in every scene — no need! Yeah Hum tv channel is also showing the notification for this show. But try telling the younger Falak that!

It was also aired in India on Zindagi from 28 September to 5 NovemberQaid-e-Tanhai is the story of a couple Aisha and Moiz who love each other. Very nicely done indeed! Another favorite of mine was that one bedroom scene where falak initially come to know about Tabinda. As a result, The Muslim League will have sweeping victory in Muslims-majority regions, Muzaffar and his entire family would be sheehr, except his father wiyh young brother Jamaal, who will live and migrate to Pakistan.

What have they done or said to make a modest individual like him so upset.

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Mahira, Wow so amazing to read some of the story behind SEZ!! Aug 21st, Video views: Falak — the person whose spiritual journey is SeZ. Humsafar and Shehr e Zaat have to be my two favourite dramas. Sara tells her not to bring food from her whenever she visits. The Express Tribune is available online via Epaper and through a website which includes news. And now Sarmad has to go around saying he disowns the project that would have been nothing without him to begin with. Haya b nazr m hai aur be hayaiii b …… and that Falak — Hamza coversation about buut bantee hi tootne k lye hai kyunk yehi unka naseeb hota hai.

Thank you for sharing your analysis with all of us! While SEZ maybe a good well written story it is Sarmad who made it so special. In the immensity of the divine ocean, the pattern of the present world and the future world dissolves. Owing to interaction with other languages, Urdu has become localized wherever it is spoken, similarly, the Urdu spoken in India can also be distinguished into many dialects like Dakhni of South India, and Khariboli of the Punjab region since recent times.


Well i think she is just angry why her existential reality as a Grammarian and that too a Karachi Grammarian being questioned as somehow she finds a Pakistani hero good looking and has been watching this play. And i showed it to my whole class as she was The celeb at that time. I hope that Falak remains happy with Salman, and he has seen the error of his ways. God does work in mysterious ways.

I think we all have enjoyed your performance immensely. This video and mp3 song of Shehr e zaat episode 10 31st august part 5 high quality is published by humpakistan pak on 01 Sep But hopefully they will all calm down as time goes on. Fast Download Shehr e zaat episode 11 7th september part 5 high quality This video and mp3 song of Shehr e zaat episode 11 7th september part 5 high quality is published by humpakistan pak on 07 Sep This video and mp3 song of Shehr e zaat episode 9 24th august high quality part 5 is published by humpakistan pak on 24 Aug Texts were written right to left, left to right.

And those last 3 lines in the background were just magical.

The one through whom we can get a chance to look inwards, think about where we are and where we could be, what we are running after and what is the way to achieve peace subtitlrs calm, what is ultimately going to matter and what is not. Story revolves around an arrogant, class conscious and narcissistic Falak Sher Afgan an only child to very rich parents. Chaloo may be next time. N zata forward for more Like Like. Are you aware this dialogue was not written by UA, it was added in without her knowledge.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Express Tribune is a supporter of The Citizens Foundation, a local not-for-profit organisation providing education to children in need, up to 30 per cent of subtitlles profits are donated to sugtitles TCF. There was not a single interesting call and Momina gave zero credit to Sarmad,maybe she was angry at him for not coming or whatever but a good friendship seemingly i guess has come to end.


With the advent of television in the s, however, radio drama lost some of its popularity, however, recordings of OTR survive today in the audio archives of collectors and museums, as well as several online sites subtitle as Internet Archive. It is a very unique name! Given this scenario, I think the media does have a responsibility to be careful with the explicit and implicit messages being conveyed through the dramas, ads, films, etc …. But like you said now her journey has officially begun.


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They both belong to families, but as Shahla is the only girl of her parents her family is better off than Umers. Most problems shehhr our lives stem from this.

Thank you for taking us through the streets, pathways and gardens of this beautiful city. Shahla, who has been engaged recently, pours oil on the fire, one day she brings Qorma for Epieode but he is not at home.

She faked her presence as a coincident at shopping mall episoe following him and then she started meeting him. Yes I also love that scene where Falak is yelling at her mother and collapses.

Dear Hina, Thank you soo much for your beautifully written, very thoughtful comment. I can totally picture it too lol! Good she was no Falak but the hygiene aspect bothered me … Like Like.

The hygiene issue bothered me too Afia….

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Thus linguists usually count them as one language and contend that they are considered as two different languages for socio-political reasons 2. Thanks a ton Annie! Watching Falak with her daughter was so very heartwarming.