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I’m surrounded by imbeciles. The site consists of a volume of space with an acceleration gate and contains various structures and their defending pirates. Both times i got the message: Almost a duplicate squadron of vessels to the previous area were arriving through the Smuggler’s Gate, hoping to defend it before I could destroy it. Well, the distance saved my ass i assume. Waited 20min but fleet didnt come. I checked my files and can tell you, that i run through 34x Sansha Vigil last year. Trades, trades and more trades.

Ikonia 1 Well, the distance saved my ass i assume. I cannot tell you if it is just luck and random, or everytime. But yeah, they still work. Those elite frigs are mean, as no doubt those Sansha Elite Cruisers are. Views View View source History. This site is possible to complete in a T1 Cruiser, however the damage can easily become excessive if care is not taken managing the triggers. This page has been accessed 70, times. I was on a Myrmidon too

Serpentis Vigil Escalation: A warning! – Missions & Complexes – EVE Online Forums

Far above the main structure, there was a Smuggler’s Gate, much like the ones I’d seen in Cloud Ring. Missing is the very last message of the overseer telling you to wait. It is probably a good idea to get out before all hell breaks loose.

Still intend to give this a try when an occasion arises. The names and amount of ships listed may vary slightly, but will always be of Battlecruiser class or smaller. Those that believe, have a golden goose to chase.

But now, new reason there is to travel back to amarr and have some fun with vigils again. Despite the fact that you have no sister that you know of and the guy sounds like he has been drinking more than just Quafe, you feel a certain temptation to go and see what this is all about. Alliance and Corporation Recruitment Center. They pounded on my ship, taxing my armor repair systems to their utmost, as my railguns and drones slowly worked through the enemy ships.


Crazy Kinux has been blogging about EVE for quite sometime, and if you don’t know about his blog or the rest of the serpnetis you should check them out. As I returned fire and deployed drones, I intercepted communications revealing that the two command cruisers serpentid requested backup – and that included a commander in a Bruitx-class Battlecruiser. Have you no pride, you worthless louts? And here it is, the usual yelling. Problem is, that the Vigils arent that common, the Shipyard escalation is somewhat rare either.

Each group’s appearance is triggered by the destruction of members of the previous group.

Video Interviews, Documentaries and Films. I ran three yesterday. When i get it the next time, i will post some screenshots. I would recommend to simply open your eyes, read more intense what is send in messages, or look more intense on items that can be found.

All sites were in HiSec. Alternatively, it can be bypassed by convincing the commander to unlock it. As it’s attacked, the Corelum Scout immediately calls for backup. Ignoring the warning, I activated the gate, warping deeper into the complex. The biggest ships in this site are two battlecruisers, one in each pocket. The True Power Factory is sending an emergency signal.

Sansha True Power Factory sends out a distress call. Prepare for a fight. Out of Pod Experience. Go get em, boys. Just dont leave the site. This article needs improvement, if you come across this signature please take a moment to more fully document the ships found here. Ikonia Just for completion, original chat log on main toon in german untranslated.


T3 was in less than 25 secs almost srepentis hull. Shooting at the gate will also trigger tower wave if it has not been triggered already. Go get them boys! I would have to depend on my drones to finish off this threat. The new forums are live and can be found at https: My feeling is, the second srepentis implies that the fleet will actually warp in in some time. Personal tools Log in.

Ice Axe Psycho Killers From there on, you will be on your own.

Serpentis Watch

The fleet thing not only sounds awesome but also brings new challenge. Search EVE-Online forums for: Views View View source History. Newer Post Older Post Home. Corporations and Alliances Summit. When i started with exploration there were messages often in the loot, telling the finder where to go to follow this mission. Apollo Gabriel Mercatoris Etherium Cartel.

These forums have been archived and are now read-only. Tauranon Funky Koval wrote: Complex has gone after that From what i recall the name is something like “Tracking down the source” or so. For location details see Pirate Faction Occupancy Chart.