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I wasn’t actually all that big fan of either the hero nor the heroine at first because I feared that Balogh might ruin it all with sexcapades and nether regions on fire the possibility was there! Moira at age 26 has consented to marry a distant cousin who has inherited the family title. Yes, with a capital B. Very matter of fact, very, “ok, this will warm you allow me to insert my penis into your vagina. Her description of an English country village, with all its hypocrisy, pettiness, secrets, gossip, and worst of all intolerance was well balanced with the charms that a life in the country can hold, including the surrounding beauty of nature, the real, deep, self-sacrificing friendships, the solace, peace, and contentment. Indiscreet Horsemen Trilogy 1 by Mary Balogh. Who says you HAVE to love your parent?

The danger being that they become so predictable and so similar. Lists with This Book. A classic regency romance by Mary Balogh when she is at her best. Mar 29, kate rated it did not like it Shelves: A little too Tra la la and Alas! It made them difficult to grasp and understand, especially as a couple. I enjoyed this book tremendously. Well, in some author’s cases at least, Mary Balogh’s style, or it would be more precise to say, characterization has changed with time.


When they are stranded overnight in a shack in the woods, Moira gets pregnant and they marry. Firstly, the daughter of an earl who conceived a bastard child, a fact of which everyone in society was aware of, would not ever have been allowed back into it. This is how she meets the lord’s rakish younger twin brother Rex, who is immediately smitten. After the really emotional start, of him being a pushy ass, and her telling him no, life throws a wrench in and puts them together to sort out what they can be to one another.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. I’m not usually a fan of antagonistic relationships but I thoroughly enjoyed the spin Balogh put on this one. Mar 08, Mari rated it liked it Shelves: I gave it a 2 stars on first read. Aug 25, Ruth rated it it was ok Shelves: This is one tense and angry couple, and — apovalipsis with the good sex that they moved into and the big clarifying conversation about her brother Sean that they needed to have way before the sex in the snowstorm — they will never like each other enough to manage a happy marriage.


There is the mystery of what caused the feud between the characters and their families that is slowly revealed; the major part close to the last few pages!

Her fiance arrives and wants to meet Kenneth- despite the feud and apologizes for the spat and behavior of his relatives years ago.

Hero and Heroine somewhat grew up together even though there was a long standing feud between the family this kept getting mentioned, but it didn’t really cuagro to be a big deal to anyone the Heroines brother was involved with smugglers and had a relationship with the hero’s sister. So does Viscount Rawleigh find out balog he finds his generous offer to take her up as mistress for the few weeks he is staying in the village being quite indignantly flung back in his face.

I loved the mood that Ms Balogh set in the beginning, the tense palpable electricity between the two protagonists and the hints of a shared past. But when I came to this book, Kenneth and Moira’s own story, they just did not work really well for me.

Travesura Realizada VIP: Serie Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis – Mary Balogh

But that’s not really true. I was taking on the sadness and depression of the characters, which wasn’t fun. I don’t think you need to read it to enjoy the series.

No trivia or quizzes yet. This book was originally published 20 years ago but it stands the test of time and the quality of her writing baloogh exceptional. I really hope the other two books in this series Unforgiven and Irresistible will follow shortly, and if Ms Landor narrates them, I will definitely be pouncing as soon as they kary available.

There are three explicit sex scenes and they’re kind of appalling.

Or a lady’s maid who has been able to ape her superiors. To ask other readers questions about Indiscreetplease sign up. I wanted serious groveling.

The second part of the book is where Rex really emerges as a thoroughly worthy hero; he and Catherine have been forced together by circumstance and must make something of their marriage; and he rises to the challenge most admirably.


The heroine is just too stubborn and defiant to be happy. It really drives the point home that Catherine is extremely lucky that the man she happens to attract the second time around is someone with better morals than the first and that with both her statuses in life first a London heiress and then a provincial nobodythere was always someone who wanted either her fortune or her body without any regard for her as a person.

We also get to visit with the other three horsemen and it is nice to catch up with their lives — especially Rex from the first book. Moira – Cold, distant, stubborn, riddled with feelings of betrayal.

She also enjoys watching tennis and curling. What happens next had my mind boggling. The middle chapters are definitely the best. They attend a grand ball, and the sheer number of people acknowledging Catherine gives ciatro a little countenance–enough that she hopes she’ll be able to jinehes a few friendships and not have her children suspected as illegitimate.

This had a potential to be such a warmhearted and touching second-chance at love romance, but the characters did things that were peculiar and awkward.

Actually I enjoyed the writing more than the story, which tends to sag and draw out at times. I hated the heroine. Nothing that a good, ok, very long, explanation wouldn’t resolve, which of course only comes in the last chapiter. Well, this is a first A note about Steamy: Though she repeatedly tells him no he keeps propositioning her. No trivia or quizzes yet. In the morning he was running in place to stay warm and thought about his years as an officer trying to keep his men alive by doing that.

Jinetex is a lovely book.