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As a result of this anger, the Republican congress changed the legal wording on Gitmo foreign transfer language, creating a stricter standard as a direct result of the Bergdahl trade, and the administration not telling Congress the truth. Serial was honored with a Peabody award in April , noting ” Serial rocketed podcasting into the cultural mainstream”, and that it was an “experiment in long-form, non-fiction audio storytelling”. And he’s outside the wire in the dark. Some soldiers thought Bergdahl’s good intentions led to a bad “God-like” decision. Shane Cross As you’re stirring it, sometimes if you didn’t have a metal rod, a wooden, you know He’ll look for flashlights bobbing up and down, listen for the crackle of radios. You might hear Mark and me talking from time to time during the course of the season so we can compare notes.

She mentions that she has reasonable doubt, not in the legal sense, but in the “normal person” sense. Bowe Bergdahl Pretty much. Bergdahl was angry about the battalion commander’s misplaced priorities. Black spots appear in the cloudy sky, and you see that they’re planes or helicopters. He’d grabbed a pack of nuts from his trail mix and some vacuum-packed chicken meat from an MRE. He wasn’t talking on TV. Archived from the original on December 16, So that was my next thought, was he might be up there.

The New York Times. And yes, we did, and we were kind of blown away. Which is understandable, considering that any one piece of this story could keep a person’s mind churning.


The Wall Street Journal.

That’s the narrative tension that makes Serial not only compelling but also unlike anything I can remember watching or reading before. There are no words. I knew that was going to happen, but suddenly, you know, this really starts to sink in that I really did something bad. Although the man convicted of the crime, Davon Holmes, has a criminal past, he claims he is not guilty of this crime.

That’s what the story of Bowe Bergdahl is like. Susan Rice characterized his service with “honor and distinction”, which angered the military.

Of course there’ll be money somewhere. But, technically, it’s not impossible to do it.

Bergdahl wanted to “kill the bad guys”, and do better at engaging the regular Afghans, but he felt the Army was not fulfilling its counter-insurgency mission. Mark swears a lot. Sarah Koenig Nascimento and Coe were guys in Bowe’s platoon. Retrieved 14 June Seial October 15, So was he selfish, or selfless? Sarah Koenig On the morning of June 30th,Bowe had been scheduled to take over guard duty.

Serial recap – season two episode one: DUSTWUN

Kim Harrison said it was the worst idea ever. Leaks could have derailed the fragile deal, jeopardizing Bergdahl’s life. A wider shot shows that the scrubby, rocky hills all around the truck are dotted with other guys—Taliban—holding rifles or rocket-propelled grenades. New York — Daily Intelligencer.


Serial season 2 episode 1 recap: ‘DUSTWUN’ |

I’m not stupid enough to try and fight off Koenig asks, “Should the Army have let Bowe in? We were like, man, is he like CIA or what? Koenig and Snyder visit Jay, who declines an interview. General Michael Flynn, formerly head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, says authoritatively people died on missions to find Bergdahl. As a result, the detectives discover calls to Jen, who is a friend of one of Adnan’s acquaintances, a weed dealer named Jay. What seerial going on with the captors?

I could be what it is that every Taliban He’s asking about Kabul or asking about police. He remained in captivity until Special Forces picked him up in Retrieved December 4, I have sewson information of this person who is doing this on this night, and they live here.

And zerial I went over to their trucks where a few people were awake and tried to ask them, “Hey, where’s Bowe?

Fox News interviewed soldiers from Bergdahl’s platoon and the story became a juggernaut, with bogus intel from a discredited source even saying Bergdahl had become a Muslim and wanted to be a warrior for Islam.