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Posted by Jeff Arnold’s West at Both groups are shown as overtly racist and rather repellent. Watch your purchase on Movies Anywhere supported devices. Description In a small Western town, an African American hero of the United State’s Civil War unjustly faces trial for the rape and murder of a white girl. Fred Libby Chandler Hubble. Strode put in a magnificent performance as the buffalo soldier accused of raping a white woman.

Available on Xbox One. Additional information Directors John Ford. Toby Richards Lucy Dabney. But it got the results. The fault is not really in the dialogue, although it does end very melodramatically. A fine shot of Woody.

Sergeant Rutledge is essentially a s Western in its look and acting. We get three versions of the film,all of which play in English with removable sergeantt.

I don’t think Woody Strode was ever a natural actor but he worked hard and did his best. It is thought amusing that the officers of the court martial drink while court is in session or adjourn to play poker. Ford and Strode became good friends. Aergeant you select Rent you’ll have 14 days to start watching the movie and 24 hours to finish it.

Woody’s character,like the Heston character, refers to Native Americans as”dirt” so I guess this is reverse discrimination. Peckinpah seems to have been poisonous at times. Just gone back rutledg your take on Hill’s film and Sieber I Do wish someone would release that on DVD. Additional terms Terms of transaction. Additional information Directors John Ford.


His former professionalism, last seen on the set of The Searcherswas on the wane.

John Ford put classic words in my mouth. Jack Warner finally backed down and Ford got his way. It subtitels not until Woody started doing the Spaghetti’s that he started making serious money.

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I too really wish they would reelease Mr. Constance Towers as the love-interest returning from The Horse Soldiers the previous year does not convince any more than she did in The Horse Soldiers. To rate and review, sign in. Ford blamed Warner Bros. Cliff Lyons Sam Beecher. For once, the French film title may have been better: He was probably drunk when he said that.

Goldbeck took it to short-story and script writer James Warner Bellah, a John Ford regular, and together they prepared a treatment for Ford. Judson Pratt, who had assumed the role of comic drunken Irish sergeant after Victor McLaglen died, is back, promoted to lieutenant.

Sergeant Rutledge

There was an error posting your review. I’ve only seen clips and I’d really like to see it properly. Fred Libby Chandler Hubble. Toby Richards Lucy Dabney. Toby Richards Lucy Dabney.

Hi John Thanks for all your comments. Woody ever the gentleman said Peckinpah was a crude ignorant man. Ford sets the scenes so that we all assume too much, though this, of course, only works on the first viewing.


I carried the whole black race across the river. The movie makes an explicit reference to Heston’s ‘Ed Bannon’ being in fact Al Sieber but Heston’s Bannon is as far from Sieber as you could possibly get. Jan Styne Chris Hubble. As a dejected Wooded headed for the door Peckinpah,sitting in the corner, sneered”you’re a mongrel” Joe Don Baker said Peckinpah was a nasty little runt who liked to bait big guys. This began life as an original story entitled Buffalo Soldier by Willis Goldbeck.

I’ll look out for the Elephant series. There was an error posting your review. Woody also calls Rowdy Mr Yeets! Posted by Jeff Arnold’s West at Fred Libby Chandler Hubble. Yet its theme of racial discrimination is very much a s one.

Please try again later. Available on Xbox One. For Strode the abuse he had received on Sergeant Rutledge was all worth it. Duration 1 h 51 min. Watch your purchase on Movies Anywhere supported devices. Skip to main content. Please try again later. Cliff Lyons Sam Beecher. Or perhaps Ford just had lost his grip.