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Episode 6 was just masterful. Retrieved November 26, Either way, you can’t go wrong with Sepinwall dissecting TV, I could read it all day. Oscars checklist, take 3: To make it easier for myself, I decide to compile all the links in one place for each episodic review for all the shows covered in his book and one more! And for the final time this season, here come some veterans-only thoughts on how the events of this episode will play out through the rest of the series.

Tommy’s women I can’t believe I watched the whole thing! No trivia or quizzes yet. So the fact that you have people like the greek bringing it in, people like Frank getting it off the dock and the system as a whole letting most of it get through, really shows as much as Stringer or Prop Joe are ruining lives through drug use and addiction, Frank is just as responsible for letting it in. What it left us with is a show that could wring tension out of Walt and Jesse trapped in an RV with Hank closing it while it also showed us the slow descent of a mousy guy into a self-deluded master criminal. I guess it is the realism of the Wire, the missing “mythology”, that has this effect on me. Wendell Pierce portrayed veteran homicide detective Bunk Moreland. I’m looking forward to watching the next seasons and reading your reviews. Hitfix Posted Apr 8, Read full review.

Watching the second time was less about the show “happening to you” and more of an illumination of how brilliantly Gilligan crafted this “Mr. You said veherans an earlier recap that the show is about the death of an American city, perhaps of the American city, and this finale really sent that home–you can feel the death of the auto industry, the decline of the steel industry, everything that gets written about in the NYTimes summed up in that one montage.

I don’t have much more to add, except that what surprisingly brought tears to my eyes in the closing montage was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Grain Pier condos.


‘The Wire’: Links for reviews to every episode

Dukie debunks Randy’s theory that the Chris and Snoop’s victims are undead and shows him the bodies. Season one post-mortem with Liz Brix This is the first role I’ve seen him in since then that I was not thinking “Ah!

Great point about how this season connects to the series as a whole. But the show does an amazing teh of clarifying the problems. I know when I watch The Wire, I’m mostly watching it for myself, but it’d be wrong to term it “enjoyment” somehow for a show that so routinely crushes my soul even on multiple viewings sometimes more on multiple viewings.

Thank you very much, Alan, for writing these reviews! Nomination for the most tortured character in all of fiction: The stained glass windows, the Catholic priest I get that the Greek was an asset for Koutris, and that he did his mental calculus. I also got them hooked on “Downtown Abby” so we’re episoode if not eclectic in our TV tastes! Retrieved October 29, Girls continues to mine comedy out of the vast gulf between vetterans characters aspirations and their reality.

One of the greatest TV dramas of all time, Mr. And, as always, excellent reviews Alan.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, Season 2, Episode “Port in a Storm” (Veterans edition)

Or did I miss something in the show that would explain it? Prez has a good day with his class minus the “corner kids”. Namond Brice is the most outspoken and the richest of veterams four. Both had spent a long time working on opposite sides of The Game.

Obviously, this made watching the show difficult sometimes until I purchased those DVDs, but I digress.

What’s Alan Watching?: The Wire, Season 2, Episode “Port in a Storm” (Newbies edition)

I don’t mention those kind of things enough, and need to get better about it. I’ve been hearing how great the show is for years from people I respect, but could never get past the first few episodes. The author does an excellent job analysing the episodes and making me aware of how meticulously it was crafted.


The miniseries is filled with superb, lived-in performances, but especially by Kirby, Page, Rose, Whitaker, and Meyers. Wee-Bey, Stinkum, Bird–all gone.

The Wire is by far the best television show ever produced and deserves the great analysis and attention to detail that you provide. Michael, I think it’s Stringer saying “them?

It IS heartbreaking to watch–but compelling. Re Alan’s question about why we keep coming back to a show that features so many depressing outcomes, here’s my theory. Alan, Those are most definitely Worry Beads. I didn’t think so much about that as about Jimmy sitting there so exposed, peering out his open car windows, with Kima swason away. Chris takes care of Michael’s problem. My first idea was that the Baltimore drug crews need territory to operate, which meant muscle, and that reputations serve a real purpose in that regard.

Alan Sepinwall

A concise summary of every episode, in order, the author offers opinion and insight in depth enough to satisfy and enlighten anyone It’s no secret I think Breaking Bad is the greatest television series ever made. You could look at it a few ways I guess.

Why do promising politicians turn out to be disappointing so often? Amazing stuff Alan —befitting of such an amazing work as The Wire.

Every day, human beings are worth less. It’s more than just an episode recap, he looks at the arcs, the acting, writing, cinematography; in just a few pages he gets to the heart of the episode and helps you see all things that Gilligan et.

Sepinwall, however, managed to teach me a few things about Walter White and company.