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Mad Men, “Flight 1”: Read More Posted Apr 11, I was absolutely convinced that they had just killed off Kima, and was none too happy about it. I know some may disagree, but this reminds me of the Columbine shooting. This episode was definately the nail in the coffin for me – no turning back from this series. Season 2 TV,

Middleman, “The Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigat Read More Posted Mar 1, It’s another visually inventive episode that feels a bit low in calories, particularly when we get to the obligatory sequence where David travels into the minds of his friends. Read More Posted Jan 11, For me, the tension comes from the quicker-than-normal cuts during the sequence, the noise which almost drowns out the cops barking into their radios, and the fact that there is an intense sense of helplessness because the rest of the detail was too far away to be of any direct assistance. Season 5 Preview Mad Men:

And at times, so much is happening that a montage is the only way to show it all. If it seems obvious to us, it’s only because we know things Stringer doesn’t. Archived from the original on 23 June First time poster here. Emmy time-shifting plan attracts controversy Nurse Jackie, “Nosebleed”: Read More Posted Mar 20, David Simon has said that, unsurprisingly, many rappers wanted to get parts on the show, but that Method Man was the only episove who actually came into the office to wie for the part and to ask about the character.

InSepinwall began writing for Uproxx. We still linger on Ziggy’s dazed point of view as he stumbles out of Double-G’s shop, still get the long pause as Lester and Bunk jokingly stare down the feds, still get to hear Brother Mouzone deliver his whole Dirty Harry monologue to Cheese, still get to see Nick and Prissy Catlow getting drunk at the playground and crying as they swap Ziggy stories.


But I defy anyone to look at a sequence like the botched undercover and not rpisode deep tbe marks on either the nearest upholstery or the forearm of their significant other.

There can be canned, or at least coerced, studio audience applause, too, and that can be maddening, but when it feels and sounds genuine the way it does here The cold, detached shot from Foxtrot which ends the episode is a perfect capper as well.

I had been enjoying the show in the episodes previous to this one, and was certainly impressed by it, but “The Cost” is when I realized how invested I was in the show. Why I’ll miss Renoeven though I rarely watch This viewing was also the first time I ever noticed Avon’s line about where that cat-and-mouse chase would have led the cops had they kept up with him: Read More Posted Apr 25, Howard County is real suburbia; the Eastern Shore area is pretty rural.

The Hills For all you aspiring Venutian fry-cooks Read More Posted Jan 29, Newer Post Older Post Home. Ozymandias review, take two Game of Thrones Bonus! Retrieved June 15, I’m assuming this was a cost-saving measure to keep all the cop actors from appearing in every episode, but it also becomes a plot point when Carver’s own stint in in-service training finally clues Daniels into how Burrell is so knowledgable so quickly about the detail’s activity.

Mad Men, “Three Sundays”: Season 5 Preview Mad Men: To anonymous and the one directly above me, really insightful observations. After waiting so long and epieode so much money to bring back Sarah, the least the producers could have done was to give us someone resembling the Sarah we remember. The kids who never fit in, who prove a point which is actually pointless.


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In conclusion, I never was a fan of Johnny Cash, but after watching this episode I have downloaded it and every time I hear it I think of Prezbo! I’m enough of a “Wire” purist to note the spinwall from the usual form, but not enough of one to be irked that this episode features so many of them.

And it struck me that with, say, the Barksdale crew, getting pinched for murder and going to prison is a rite of passage, or a duty, or just a cost of doing wure, but for the Sobotkas, it’s an epic tragedy. Short version is that there are six commentaries, plus the two documentaries “Wire Odyssey” and “the Wire: Please contact me if there are any mistakes!

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Read Sexson Posted Jan 31, Prez’s exit from the Police Department was pretty cool too. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password.

I tried to build this list programmatically eoisode a combination of thetvdb. One to hold the sepinwakl, the other to fill th The show continues to do excellent work with the people in Bosch’s orbit. Alan Sepinwall’s reviews only count toward the Tomatometer when published at the following Tomatometer-approved publication s: Season 1 TV, Is it that, as “The Wire” tends to do, we spent so much time setting up how this was supposed to go that it was doubly chilling when the plan went awry?

Read More Posted Jan 16,