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Her way of saying goodbye I suppose. The Revolt of Gumiho ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Yoon then touches her hand and apologizes for neglecting her. While the dancers are dancing, Consort De asks the emperor to pardon the Tai Zi thus the heir problem would be resolved, plus Yin Reng is the son of the late empress. Kang Xi is being held up by matters of state. Doo Soo promised to raise Yeon as his own daughter.

We then are in a fight club where we get to see drug usage and some people in the sex trade. Shun responds by fighting him. The monk confesses he was on his way home to Nak Hyung until fate brought him there. Speak of the devil, at this moment Jung Kyu arrives and overhears the two talking. Xi recalls how the emperor loves the imperial gardens and quickly asks MoMo to go there with her in hopes of running into Kang Xi. So this is the guy going around and busting all the dealers? The girl then throws a fit and starts foaming at the mouth while San Daek and Yeon watch on, horrified. Back at the club Rin easily wins the fight.

When Qing Chuan keeps concerning herself with the black sheep maid, the other maids scold her for her concern and say they are in for a good show. Shun excitedly congratulates him and they are complimented by a viewer.

When the emperor arrives, Xi claims she prepared the fruit platter and sends her maids away while Xi feeds the emperor fruit. Jung Kyu then takes his keychain and breaks it in half. Cho Ok ignores her and keeps dancing around in the funeral clothes which she sees as a beautifully colored silk gown.


Yeon says she is crying because of herself. Han Da Gam Main Cast. First she offended Xi, then Yin Si. Yin Si comes up with a smile and taps Qing Chuan on the shoulder.

They then accuse Qing Chuan of standing out to capture their attention.

Takeru then asks where she got the drugs funny how no one is the least bit suspicious half the time when Takeru starts asking questions. San Daek drops the knife and holds her crying daughter.

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We then cut to Takeru who is out scoping chicks. Yeon Yi is frightened of the shaman and the sleuruh and San Daek have an interesting staring contest. Apparently they are just taking ero pictures. Off the emperor leaves, Xi ungags Su Yan and asks if she is happy to have seen the emperor. Shun then says that Tsukamoto most know about them wanting to go pro. He stills her hands and she says that she used to believe that humans were never to be trusted, but now she knows there are good people like him.

The maid replies that it is something she has never seen nor heard of before. He tells Rin that he seliruh a careful person, even if it is just rumors, Tsukamoto is still unhappy. Unaware of this fact, Gumiho opens her heart to Dusu, who protects her as if she is sinopsid, and once again falls in love with a human, ultimately suffering for it. Cho Ok asks her uncle if he heard what her father said. Was that her mother? Man Shin calmly states that Yoon should go and find the children then.


She will go pray and Yeon should wait for her. At that moment, Shun gets a call from Rin. Xi asks Su Yan if she wishes to see the emperor all that much.

Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho

Jung Gumiiho wonders if it is because of their class difference. Yeon, being Yeon, and being worried, of course, heads towards the door to see what is going on.

We then cut to an IM conversation.

Hanoi asks if Takeru takes drugs as well and he replies that a senpai asked him to supply some for a party. This surprises Yeon and Jo elaborates that last time he saw her, she was making funeral clothes. What does Jung Kyu think of all of this? Shun gets involved and helps out a little. Yin Zhen tells Su Yan to remember it is safer to do nothing in the palace.

That night, two of the new maids complain about how they have to serve Qing Chuan who has an unknown background and is just a maid like them. Guumiho tells his sister that Tsukamoto wants to see him. Both her parents are unhappy to hear this. San Daek then scolds Yeon for not listening to her.