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With Ryouma taken down by Zahab, Hyuuga and Yuuta must work to save him as the rest of Gingaman must stop the rampage of the massive Daitanix before it destroys everything. Shellinda uses the memory and image of Hayate’s fiance in order to force him into a showdown with her in an attempt to try and prove her worth towards him. Sambash summons a weapon-collecting subordinate in order to gather for recreating a dangerous weapon, leading to the Starbeast Swords and Ryouma being put in danger as he tries to make them his own. The Yearing For Saya. The Winds Of Anger. This article needs additional citations for verification. An angered Saya must learn how to open her heart from a karate teaching masseuse as she becomes targeted by a Majin using Baruba X missiles to grow people to massage Daitanix’s heart.

Ryouma accidentally gives Hikaru an ancient Balban bomb as a cold remedy, making him hiccup his way towards potentially blowing them up! Empress Ki Episode In the present day, an earthquake breaks the seal and releases the Balban, who plan to awaken Daitanix in our time. Battobas summons a sacrificial Majin to be used in a scheme to revive Daitanix; even as the warrior desires one final battle with Hikaru before his eventual death. The Merchant Of Darkness. Toto Nee-chan Episode The Black Knight’s Determination. A mysterious knight saves Ryouma from the explosive trap in the previous episode, but the Gingaman wonder if he is a friend or a foe.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Hayate and Yuuta fall under a curse of a Majin turning them into stone as a means to switch Daitanix’s curse onto them.

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The Balban begin to search for a means to revive their beastial ship Daitanix; as Shelinda invades the Ginga Forest forcing a decision where Gingaman’s fate hangs in the balance. Each episode is referred to as a chapter. When Budoh’s latest Majin general puts his team and the town to sleep for the Lights of Ginga, Ryouma epsode fight on his own to figure out how to defeat it, even as BullBlack and his ideals get in his way.


Seihuu who watched this item also watched. Archived from the original on Available on Prime Amazon Riders – Season 1. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A meteorite seals away Gingat’s power, turning it into a small feline that a girl adopts in place of her missing cat. As the Earth Demon-Beast corrodes the planet with pollution, Moak decides to make a sacrificial move in order to prevent its power from hurting the planet or Gingaman.

When Hayate becomes hurt by Budoh’s latest Majin targeting tomatoes, he has to get over his fear of this fruit in order to heal himself to help his teammates. BullBlack, a mysterious knight from years in the past, revives to open a new rivalry in the frantic search for the Lights of Ginga! Ryouma tries episodee find the means to speak to his older brother Hyuuga about his future as a Gingaman as the rest of the team becomes captured by Illies’ mirror-manipulating Majin.

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Watch full episodes of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman”. With Daitanic’s revival at hand, Gingaman head forth to stop the Demon-Beast, as Hyuuga and Bucrates likewise try to stop Zahab before he can destroy the Earth. Given a gingamsn chance to revive a rotting Daitanix, Illies uses her most powerful magic to force Gingaman into a showdown to reach her before she complete’s the beast’s revival!


The Appearance Of Light. Three thousand years ago, the Space Pirates Barban invaded Earth. The Star Beasts and the first Gingamen, warriors of the Ginga Forest, fought them with a mystical power known as Earth and eventually imprisoned them. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. BullBlack decides to sacrifice the Senhai in hopes of stopping the Balban, forcing the rage of Ryouma even as the Black Knight finally reveals his means of survival.


Meanwhile, the Balban locates Bucrates and Hyuuga’s eeijuu. This page was last edited on 27 Januaryat Meteor Garden Episode The Gingamen are descendants of the original Gingamen from the Ginga Forest who use a fighting style originating 3, years ago and are chosen at a ceremony to become the current Gingamen.

As Budou decides to search for the Lights of Ginga as Barban’s new general, Wisdom Tree Moak finds itself in grave danger even as it forms new weapons for Gingaman. Learn more about Amazon Seikuu. Three thousand years ago, the Space Pirates Balban invaded Earth. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

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Seijuu Sentai Gingaman – Episode 6. This article possibly contains original research. Sambash summons a weapon-collecting subordinate in order to gather for recreating a dangerous weapon, leading to the Starbeast Swords and Ryouma being put in danger as he tries to make them his own.

The Cooking Of Love. Views Read Edit View history. Hyuuga draws the ire of Saya when he starts protecting a girl being targeted by a Majin draining female youth for Daitanix.

The Ginga people later cloaked their forest within marked boundaries and passed on the duty of the Ginga warriors through generations. Budoh escapes from Balban captivity to fight until his crimes are finally clear, even as Spectral Empress Iliess begins her battle as the new general of the crew!