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Now that he’s out of a job, he moves in with the family, much to Doc’s dismay. Share this Rating Title: Any size, any kind, anywhere in the world – the Saturday family is gonna get the call. Well most of the lunatics who come to me have grand designs to conquer all of humanity. Lancaster when they worked with him on a secret Cryptid super-soldier project. Everyone is overjoyed once they realize that since Zak’s powers were cancelled out with Zak Monday’s powers and that Argost was killed in the process the Earth has been saved and Zak’s cryptid controlling powers gone.

When Zak and Komodo Monday attempt to take off, without a source of re-fueling, it falls out of the sky and back into the mirror, trapping Zak and Komodo Monday in it again. Doyle Blackwell only appears in a flashback. Animo where he successfully revives V. Doyle returns and helps Zak release all the Lau, who promptly trash the city. Doyle, Zon, Doc, and Fiskerton will search for Argost. After a long struggle, Zak manages to overcome Kur, knocking it unconscious. Beeman their babysitter and another Secret Scientist into thinking he’s sighted a UFO, they get the house to themselves and decide to have some fun.

On November 7,a second season containing 10 episodes aired to follow up on the cliffhanger ending.

They manage to subdue the serpent and find her with her bodyguards, who pull the Atlas Pin in retaliation. Doc and Drew decide to go out for their anniversary, leaving Zak, Fiskerton, Komodo and Zon to watch the house.

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Fiskerton isn’t Kur, but he can lead to Kur. Upon sautrdays the ruse, the Saturdays head to Manaus, Brazil to prevent V. Views Read Edit View history. Zak, Wadi and Ulraj pursue the cryptids underground. As it turned out, Argost was really after an orange ape-like cryptid the dealer had in his possession. After finding clues that the tablet was taken by Vikings from the lair of an Algerian Sea Centipedethe family heads to Greenland.


Wra, your manhood and self-respect?

War of the Cryptids

War of the Cryptids 30 Jan 9. Episode list using the default LineColor. My family just has bigger ones. The power wants to be used, it knows its purpose. An attack by the chupacabra and Dr.

Argost that Fiskerton isn’t the cryptid Kur as he expected, but a Lemurian, which can lead him to the creature. Zak tries desperately to separate the couple, in fear he will never see Zon again if she chooses to go with the cryptid.

The Saturdays find out a town is being attacked by cryptids.

When Doyle’s face is exposed during the ensuing battle, Drew realizes he seasln be her long-lost younger brother. The cult captures eplsode family and attempts to feed Zak to the cryptid, but Doyle helps Zak to escape the creature.

Doyle, Zak and Fisk return with the captured Lau and Doyle takes his payment without getting involved. You missed your last “don’t ask stupid questions” lesson. Despite managing to steal two of the pieces, the Saturday family have hidden theirs. The family go to Honey Island Swamp to complete what remains of his work: Zak and Doyle make their escape, then arrange for cement to be dropped in the lake by helicopter.


Secret Saturdays

Using this new found information, Zak defeats Fuzen’s army, destroying much of the nearby village in the process. Argost promptly attacks them.

Argost then surrounds himself with sound-proof glass and uses the flute recording to steal Zak’s powers and transfers them to him which kills Zak. Back in the city, Doc and Drew discover that Sanctuary II is using a mother Lau as an energy source, hence the constant attempts by her offspring to free her. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat Well most of the lunatics who come to me have grand designs to conquer all of humanity.

A clue from an ancient Sumerian text points the Satudays to a sect of Indian jadoowallas sorcerorsthe Legion of Garuda. The Ahuizotl attacks the family, but a young girl from the village named Tiacapan comes to their aid.

But I like watching things get hurt. Once they get there, they find that V. Full Cast qar Crew. After a trek through the jungle, they are attacked and captured by Argost and his henchman, Munya, as soon as they dig it up. The Saturday family call on the para-neurologist Dr. As they were being buried alive, Zak remembered Argost’s words and managed to summon one of the cryptids to save them.