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Ledger’s family has special powers. Diesmal geht es nicht mehr um die junge Mibs, sondern um ihren Cousin Ledger. Feb 28, LG Buschmann rated it it was ok. Sadly, compared to Savvy, Scumble does not quite come up to par, and some plot points felt lame. Feb 05, Sebastian Vela rated it it was amazing. Things start to come apart for Ledger Kale on his thirteenth birthday. Nonetheless, I expected to feel the same way about Scumble.

Overall, I really liked this book, just di When I read this book I was hoping for a spectacular continuation of Savvy. I just loved the writing style of this book! And can’t wait for Switch this fall! Besides a grip of suspense and a glow of emotional uplift, it also offers some youthful romance, and gently touches on themes relevant to these economically tough times. Jul 22, AMY rated it it was amazing. I liked this one just as much as the first one! Nonetheless, I expected to feel the same way about Scumble.

The harder Ledge tries to make things right, the more trouble sunmary causes—even after he starts to get a handle on how to use his savvy for good.

Even though delightful on its own, reading Savvy first, I scumblr gr. He could make, bend new things out of another object. Amazing just like Savvy! In this book, we meet Ledger Kane who needs to learn to ‘scumble’ his newly gained talent to keep from destroying everything around him. Book Trolley – The #1 Blog from the World’s #1 Harry Potter Website!

Sep 17, Josephine Lee rated it liked it. Alles was aus Plit besteht ist potentiell in Gefahr. Otherwise people could get hurt; or, even worse, outsiders might find out about the family’s secret. Jun 18, Robin rated it it was amazing.


Scumble by Ingrid Law. prezi by Ryan Gould. by Jennifer Gould on Prezi

Niemand ging das Risiko ein, das Familiengeheimnis zu verraten, es sei denn, er hatte keine andere Wahl. Themes of overcoming personal demons, early teenage angst, and staying together to fight for what is right dominate the story. Overall, I really liked this book, just didn’t love it like Savvy. Der Schimmer des Ledger Kale Autor: It is as if every word has a purpose, as it should be, but beyond. The definition comes from the art world but definitely works here, and also provides an apt analogy for all adolescents who are learning how to manage themselves in the big world.

To show the world who Ledger Kale really was Jan 11, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: Time was running out and Uncle Autry isn’t home. There are family feuds, broken hearts, first loves, and fresh starts contained within the fast-moving pages of this novel.

View all 3 comments. Sadly, compared to Savvy, Scumble does not quite come up to par, and some plot points felt lame.

The companion novel to Savvy, a Newbery Honor book maybe 2 years ago. By the time he realizes the truth about the junior journalist and her own special gift, it may be too late to save the ranch from an angry man with a wrecking ball.

Will he no wreak things anymore? Feb 28, LG Buschmann rated it it was ok. On Ledgers 13th birthday he waits to get his savvy.


Plot Summary – Yuwen W. Per.6 Book Review of Scumble

To make matters worse, a girl named Sarah Jane from the ne The book Scumble by Ingrid Law is pretty good and it tells the story about a boy who gets savvies a special power at the age of The book is basically about a boy named Ledger, and he comes from a family that has these powers that are called a savvy, Ledge later goes to Wyoming for a wedding where he faces many problems, trying to keep his savvy under control, and also trying to keep his family secret from a reporter.

With high hopes that his “savvy” would give him a super wondrous athletic quality Ledger anticipates his birthday to be spectacular. And hey, if they can agree on anything, it must be good!

Jan 16, Truly rated it scmuble liked it. There family starts to travel to a wedding in Wyoming. I liked it but at the beginning I hope that Ingrid Law continues to write about this remarkable family. Soon Ledge is torn between frustration at not being able to shake the girl off his trail, and the disturbing sense that he may not want to.