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I wonder how gays look at it. However, the element of comedy is based on the concept of recognition which ultimately leads us to the conclusion that we’re actually laughing at ourselves. Nearly every line in the movie is by now cult! Categorization Black comedy on the verge of farce. The first raw cut of the film was two and a half hours long, and for a while the filmmakers considered to release a longer version than originally commissioned. Once the group arrive in Paldiski , in the vicinity of Tallinn, a speed-dating system is put into practice, followed by dancing later at night. Let the Right One In is supposed to be really good, if you like horrorish stuff like that.

All the people on the bus are looking for one to share their lives with. Svenska subscribe unsubscribe 9, readers 14 users here now Ask questions, and share links and encouragement for learning Swedish! If you don’t think about that, you haven’t understood the film. This little will of Roland’s to be correct and proper, combined with the general gloominess in the room can be a metaphor for his life. It is a wonderful film, beautifully spoken. Awkward and tragicomic situations occur as most of the characters fail to connect with each other and behave properly. Some of the lines are just so genius and so right on the target, especially the small details that creates such a tremendous realism and creditability to this film.

Screwed in Tallinn subtitles English |

Of all the movies I’ve ever seen this one stands out as the most unerring description of loneliness. Non-Morrissey Edition GiselleJun 18,in forum: See you don’t run JavaScript. The characters are all incredibly well directed and thought through and they all contribute to the pictures uniqueness as a whole. It’s a famous movie in sweden, but I don’t know if it can be appreciated by international viewers.


Try Anything TwiceApr 14, Check out our wiki for learning svrewed It is a wonderful film, beautifully spoken.

Screwed in Tallinn subtitles English

I just saw the film for probably about the tenth time and it struck me that not only the nice and naive country-guy Roland and subtktles other obviously lonely participants in the trip are lonely but so are almost everyone.

Growing Cities is a documentary film that examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change ni way we eat. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Views Read Edit View history. If you don’t think about that, you haven’t i the film. I recommend this film to everyone who appreciates good comedy with a tragical twist.

This is a an honest but brutal black comedy about the left-overs of Swedish manhood looking for someone to save them from their pit of loneliness. Soul purpose of the trip — to find a female life companion.

Retrieved 15 October When our teacher fell sctewed the olympic champion took over training at school which was nice but weird. No idea why you were downvoted: Made in a mockumentary style, it revolves around ib group of Swedish single men who travel by bus to Estonia where they have been promised they will meet Estonian women. It’s rather a movie that shows the atmosphere that exists before and during a trip.

I wonder how gays look at it. This movie is made by a famous group of Swedish comedians, whose trademark is a remarkable ability to spot the funny aspects of everyday life and turn into top notch comedy. The film premiered on SVT1 on 22 April This little subtjtles of Roland’s to be correct and proper, combined with the general gloominess in the room can be a metaphor for his life.


The film builds up to an absolutely chaos at a remote hotel in Talinn. This was the real first step for Joel Kinnaman before he went to Hollywood and did Robocop amongst other movies. The acting, the story, the cinematography, the casting and especially the writing. I ended up next to a 4 year old who was pretty bored. I always thought Sci Fi should have a bit of believability about it but this had none, a bit like Inception talinn had several moments where it disappeared up it’s own behind.

screwwd Snabba Cash Easy Money was a really big hit here in Sweden when it premiered in theatres across the country. Was this review helpful? Nevertheless, “only” 7 points from me as I am not too much into bluntly ridiculing people who behave in naturalistic manner not knowingly, but because of their upbringing and background. And the one he opens up to is Lasse Kongo, a soul so deprived from alcohol abuse, with no ability for empathy, but all the while, seemingly Percy’s only friend.

The one who is always getting talinn short end of the stick, simply because he is too good a guy.