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At cost, at cost Am I gonna sprout wings?! King Sombra has a zombie army. Doughnut Joe’s voice is based on Patrick Warburton. The academy made so much more sense. You couldn’t handle the kind of things we do. It won’t make any sense.

He was accepted and would become an important member of the Scootertrix team. It was also at this point that Getschman was coming to the end of his rope with creating episode on schedule. No, because at least she tries to do the right thing. We sometimes lie to protect ourselves, and sometimes to protect those we love. My name is Dumb-Bell! The academy made so much more sense.

Then the joke just stops.

Flash Sentry wins a major victory for Equestria in episode But there’s never an after-credits scene! The episode’s “twist” completely changed a character’s status in the universe and would affect future episodes.

Actually, that’s more aridged an objective. After Bean Quest, Getschman began to do research on other abridged series, as well as research on storytelling and comedy.

The word “apple” is in your name!

Overall, the episode was positively received. In episode 10 Twilight wants to blast the bug swarm with the Elements of Harmony, but she’s so flustered that she stumbles scootertrlx her words and loses all ability to articulate her plan. I don’t know what to say to that. Celestia has parched our land and seeks to settle her outcast ponies here.

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We are The Elements of Freaking E;isode God, my name sucks. Mind if I join you? Twilight mispronounces Tirek as “Tie-reek”. Early episodes have an odd gag where others would compliment Rarity on her generosity. The Bean Quest version was originally this nerd type character with an annoying Urkel voice.


Scootertrix the Abridged: Episode 15(Rus_Sub)

scooteryrix Is this a prank? Well I mean, it is, but this time it wasn’t. This crossover led to the spin-off series Royal Correspondencewhich focuses on the Princesses of both universes. The episode itself was another risk as it did not focus on being funny, but more dramatic. Episode 24 Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

After doing lot’s of research, Getschman began to construct the characters. Her subplot with the Fourth Wall was supposed to foreshadow this, since everyone else who interacts with the Fourth to that extent is a villain or antagonist: My name is Dumb-Bell! Or would we all die?

Are you still singing all of your sentences? The “Hello” quirk was also part of this. Originally it was going to be sung by a well known brony musician, but it didn’t work out, so Getschman sang it instead.

No, you see, my name’s just a bad joke. The Scootertrix characters of Celestia and Fluttershy for example, are exactly the same from when they were in Bean Quest. Pre-production on the crossover begin in the summer ofduring Scootertrix’s hiatus. Applejack’s quirk Thinking apples were Mangos was originally used in a sketch Getschman wrote scoootertrix the same concept.

At this stage, he was hesitant on actually making a whole series. Those are some insane Getschman doesn’t even remember what that running gag was supposed to be leading up to.


Nightmare Moon is completely aware that she’s the abrkdged villain of the story; she’s just appalled at how shoddily her appearance was foreshadowed. Oh, I have had it.

Never Trust a Title: In fact, the fourth wall is so transparent to her that she sometimes breaks it by accidentwhich causes Twilight no end of confusion. Celestia’s guards Aberforth and The Fourth Steven appear in the remixed opening titles for the Royal Correspondence spin-off, billed just after Celestia and Luna. So, what’s the plan? This would be thier first attempt at abridging.

For a class project, students were assigned to show 1 of their films on the big screen eplsode have the other students critique it. Night of the Living Mooks: Here, she’s reinterpreted as Harper, a changeling infiltrator among the buffalo who argues for going to war with Equestria. How do they normally get out of this?

Episode 13 abrdiged not as well received as the others, do it’s pacing problems and lack of narrative. I’m so powerful now. That’s enough out of you! Egads, what was that all about? Thus Getschman began to make his own compositions on GarageBand.