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Boring stock characters and situations are combined with jokes that maybe were funny in the s or 70s. So of course, his stories were ridiculous and often hard to believe. Very disappointing, expectations too high raphael-voelkel 22 March The camera work is splendid and the musical score is very touching. This wacky as well as raunchy spoof is packed with a lot of silly laughs and great entertainment and fun. The sympathetic Michael Herbig steals the show , the puts paces, grimaces , and overacting by means of excessive mimic gesticulation especially in his hilarious scenes as the Indian gay. The real problem with this movie and German comedy is that they treat it too serious. It is absolutely cheap produced and NOT funny in any way.

The Forest Is Not Enough It contains simple and raunchy humor and lots of entertainment and funny scenes. I like movies that make me feel good and surprise me. Amusing take off on Indian movies in which a rambunctious temperance leader called Abahachi Michael Herbig , Chief of the Apache Indians , and his blood brother called Ranger Christian Tramitz maintain law and order in the Wild West. How can he impress Silvia, a rich young girl, and where This movie is not meant to be intellectually stimulating or life-changing. A mysterious serial killer is shocking the underworld.

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News from the Wixxer is a German comedy film from the year and the continuation of the movie The Wixxer from the year If you have a chance to see schug film “Der Schuh des Manitu” subtitlewjust forget about what the Germans know or do.

I remember dropping at some video store and asking if they had Manitu’s shoe, the salesman told me that this DVD was unavailable then because of an overwhelming demand.


I know only about words in German.

Broesel has to make a Werner animation film but right now he has no real ideas for new stories. The shots are great. You mabitu notice a lot of scenes are spoofed from classics. Search for ” Der Schuh des Manitu ” on Amazon. Very cheap low level humor, not funny at all.

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They should definitely have done it in English, only this way could it achieve a wider release and, I hope, recognition it really deserves. Hopefully, no one outside Germany will ever see it. The screenplay besides having more than its fair scraps of funny linesthrows up rich as well as amusing characters and it shows in the confused melange of styles and some bad taste. Michale Bully Herbig, the director of this movie, founded a comedy show called “Bully Parade” just for the non Germans who don’t know this: Sign in to vote.

I am a non German language savvy viewer and as such relied heavily on the sub titles. There, Santa Maria already awaits them to take their new treasure away as well. Of course most of the jokes are a kind of. A highly recommended movie if you are in need of a laugh. If you understand german, please watch it in our language, because in translations you wouldn’t know that the Indians and Cow-Boys speak Bavarian dialect! You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

Go see it, and wait till the end. All in all, there are two or three decent gags, but the whole pubescent affair drags on interminably despite its average running timewhile the grimacing actors are hampered by a lame screenplay that’s put to shame even by the mediocre German Karl-May-adaptations it’s based on.


How can he impress Silvia, a rich young girl, and where Soon afterthe Shoshones are nanitu the warpath to get their money backand Abahachi is forced to organize it quicklythen chaos and wreak havoc ensue.

Michael Herbig has done great in writing and directing, and his unforgettable performances as the Indian twin brothers are way too good for words. Been there, seen that, haven’t laughed.

Neues vom Wixxer Otto – Der Film Berater Schoschone 1 Robert Alan Packard The comedy and humor are interminable for that reason the viewers will laugh uncontrollably with the habitual quirky and lunatic characters.

This is one of the funniest, craziest comedies EVER! Furthermoreit provides a sprinkling of self-parodyc situations with laughers and amusement from start to finish. It is filled with stupid gay jokes which would be funny for me if I would be 10 years old.

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Even better than Harry Potter! If the film had been shown on the German channel in the original language, I would not have watched it.

Abahachi borrows money from the apache. I appreciated the humour and who cares if I missed any of it, I will never know.