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Brandon is afflicted with a pervasive sex addiction. Meanwhile, Cindy throws a house party, hoping for safety in numbers. Tremors is actually two movies in one. Use mdy dates from November Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover. The delightfully gonzo tale of a lovestruck teen and his zombified mother, Dead Alive is extremely gory and exceedingly good fun, thanks to Peter Jackson’s affection for the tastelessly sublime. Vector death scytheman design elements are arranged into conceptual Germany flag composition. R min Drama. Upon finding his discarded disguise in the street, Cindy begins screaming, but is soon hit by a car.

Archived from the original on August 26, Candles snuff out in darkness. R min Crime, Drama, Thriller. An introvert freshman is taken under the wings of two seniors who welcome him to the real world. Leonard has anterograde amnesia the inability to form new memories. Dead Ringers serves up a double dose of Jeremy Irons in service of a devilishly unsettling concept and commandingly creepy work from director David Cronenberg. Selecting a region may change the language and promotional content you see on the Adobe Stock web site.

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Drag an image here. Jean has locked-in syndrome resulting from a stroke. The Conjuring 2 can’t help but lose a bit of its predecessor’s chilly sting through familiarity, but what remains is still a superior ghost story told with spine-tingling skill. Plunging viewers into the nightmarish hellscape of an apartment complex under siege, [Rec] proves that found footage can still be used as an effective delivery mechanism for sparse, economic horror.

While Basket Case definitely delivers all the gonzo gore promised by its cracked premise, it’s really set apart by its scafy vein of genuine pathos. Portrait of a Serial Killer.


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An epileptic girl suffers a breakdown during her first year at university, then decides to seek help from a priest in battling the troubles associated with her strict upbringing. Tremors is actually two movies in one. Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the moviex of the drugs and influence of friends.

Official site [Japan] Official site [Russia]. R min Crime, Drama. Edit Details Official Sites: R min Comedy, Drama, Fantasy.

20133 is autistic and Mary has depression and social anxiety. CarterDavid Clennon. On its own terms, it’s an enjoyable modern sci-fi horror-thriller, with good pacing Mary, a lonely, eight-year-old girl living in the suburbs of Melbourne, and Max, a forty-four-year old, severely obese man living in New York. Howard Hughes has obsessive compulsive disorder.

I understand that this list is based on critic ratings, but it still sucks. When reports surface that a giant creature is destroying Seoul, she gradually comes to the realization that she is somehow connected to this phenomenon.

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Though it ultimately sacrifices some mystery in the name of gory thrills, Candyman is a nuanced, effectively chilling tale that benefits from an interesting premise and some fine performances. The film also makes other pop culture references beyond the scope of film, including a brief reference to Dawson’s Creek and a parody of the Whassup?

Kevin most likely has conduct disorder, which could later develop into antisocial personality disorder once he is an adult. At the police station, Cindy and the sheriff Kurt Fuller realize that Doofy, the only person who knew about the car accident, was faking his disability and is the killer.


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Memento R min Mystery, Thriller 8. How To Train Your Dragon: Unrated 80 min Drama, Horror, Mystery. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined. Bill has depression and deals with drug addiction.

Archived from the original on August 26, A link to set your password has been sent to: Black Swan R min Drama, Thriller 8. Hide filters View filters New filters added 16 results for “scary film” in all.

From knock-out performances to Green Jovies scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Billy is autistic and describes himself as being “on the spectrum” as in diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASD. Ready to settle in for dark nights of Fresh fear? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Shutter Island R min 21033, Thriller 8. A disturbing videotape appears to hold the power of life and death over those who view it moviss this offbeat T2 Trainspotting R min Drama 7. Based on the true story of Jordan Belfortfrom his rise to a wealthy stock-broker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government.

Freddy Krueger is back from the grave in another thriller from famed horror director Wes Craven.