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Mellie joins him and asks him to work for her. Retrieved March 16, Elizabeth North realizes that Fitz and Olivia are a couple again when they argue about how to handle Princess Emily’s death. Elizabeth North Cornelius Smith Jr. Retrieved April 26, After Sally Langston announces that she will hold the first Republican debate, the presidential candidates prepare themselves. Rhimes also confirmed that “the reconstitution” of Team OPA would happen in the fifth season, as Rhimes revealed in an interview with TVLine , as she explained that the Gladiator conceit was sidelined a bit in the fourth season to instead “healing” Olivia. Abby stalls Mellie’s plane from going off so she can be late.

She helped release Rowan and did not even think about who he would hurt. Mellie visits Cyrus and asks him to work with her. Olivia and Jake begin sleeping together again without talking to each other, while Abby becomes Fitz’s “work-wife” — much to her dismay. Retrieved April 11, Retrieved November 16, Meanwhile, David is caught in a dilemma when Governor Baker offers to give her endorsement to Susan if he drops the investigation into a sugar company she took kickbacks from. Retrieved November 23,

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Meanwhile, Abby struggles with her new position as Olivia tries to take control of the situation. Fitz quickly finds out the true cost of mercy when he works to stop the Senate from z05e07 him.


Retrieved August 6, Sally Langston Artemis Pebdani It is revealed that they were going to meet at a train station to be together, but it didn’t work out. Audible Download Audio Books.

Abby discovers that Cyrus has been working with the Vargas campaign, and fires him and takes over the job as Chief of Staff in the White House. After they argue, he agrees. Six months after Olivia and Fitz have scandl up, both of them are handling their newfound freedom in very different ways.

Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance

Olivia works with Fitz to csandal and pay him off, but he refuses. Retrieved April 5, Retrieved April 12, Retrieved February 12, Retrieved April 1, Retrieved March 18, After he insults Olivia, she goes to extreme measures to keep him quiet by beating him to death with a chair.

He has raped countless women, but no one knows about it because no one believed s05r07 victims when they tried to tell someone about it. She goes to the oval office to meet with Fitz. Meanwhile, OPA takes on a new client, but Olivia seems preoccupied keeping her own secrets, and Elizabeth North sets her sights on a new agenda.


It turns out that zcandal queen knew about the affair, and that Princess Emily was pregnant. Retrieved April 8, Queen Isabel had her killed.

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Edit Did You Know? After persuasion from Olivia, Fitz attends Mellie’s swearing in. Retrieved February 19, David takes the deal, and Susan gets the endorsement.

Retrieved October 20, Olivia knows she can’t handle this latest storm on her own and calls for help from an unexpected source, Leo Bergen.

Retrieved October 2, However, Hollis Doyle is the one who wins Florida. After losing, the candidates begin to act in order to get ahead in the election.

Full Cast and Crew. Attorneynow Attorney General. Jake announces that he is engaged to his new girlfriend, much to the dismay of Olivia.