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He eyes arushi lovingly, as he caresses her hair, while she is asleep. Kyra breaks the silence and tells him that he shouldnt have behaved like this with his mothers. Kaira is seen searching some address. Zarra 15th Dec – He is tensed as he remembers their moments together, and is tensed and worried. Mini taunts her not to be a miser. The squad finally successfully defuses the bomb. Fire the writers and get fresh lines.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kaira tries to expose her as a witch but Millie’s black magic stops her. The screen freezes on their faces. At the end, he proposes to Kaira who accepts. Kaira rescues Vihaan from Bebo’s schemes, and Bebo dies while trying to control him with black magic. Log In Welcome, Login to your account.

He goes and knocks door and is about to break it with a kick whe Kaira opens door and he falls on her feet. As he tries to get up, his locket and her mangalsutra intertwine, while he is surpeised, as he tries to take it off, oblivious of the live wire nearby, of high voltage.

Vins you are right. Everyone wish her best of luck. Narmada says he was her son. Kyra begs granny to think about it, as its true that she has a fault in her stars, which is causing all this.


Kaira asks to call their Boss. Narmada pleads Daadi to tell ifshe knows where her son is. She too thanks him wrotten his support. They are all shocked. Swaragini, qubool hai crap, etc etc, Lord….

They wonder how is this possible. The specific problem is: He is tensed as he remembers their moments together, and is tensed and worried.

Satrangi Sasural 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Geeta comes and gets kyra to the prayer area. I am his sister I like the show because of Aarusi if she is not there I do not watch this serial anymore. She is the 7 th mother… and Aarushi children Arhaan and Aru were missing too in this ending.

Everyone say they will accompany her. Kaira yells and shouts at her and asks to leave her. Jodha Akbar Pavitra Rishta. Satrangi Sasural 18 November Kaira says they have to accept whatever daadi maa says and have to find out where she was for 2 months.

They say boss is out. As he gives it to her, their hands meet, and instantly a connection clicks in, as they both satrzngi the other lovingly. Vihaan wakes up and rushes out.


She says that they have to do a Yagna, right now, but with her only. They start screaming for help, while they wonder what shall happen now. They come inside to find arushi sleeping peacefully, while vibha hides behind the green curtains kept for inspection.

Satrangi Sasural Written Updates – Telly Updates

Geeta says that someone from the neighbourhood was talking. Kyra asks why is she doing this, as she herself burnt the thali, and then did the emotional drama, and asks her the reason and begs her to speak, as she sits stoically, with her back towards kyra. Daadi comes back and Kaira gets tensed. Welcome, Login to your account. The lady says that the reason all of this has been happening is due to this.

Narmada cries she does not know where her son is.

She wonders whats going on, as the phone gets disconnected. Mohi 21st September Written Episode Update. Fire the writers and get fresh lines.