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Later all the seven ladies begin to pamper Diya but Diya finds this suffocating. Aarushi is completely unaware about what use her father will be putting the money into. Vihaan realises that he has finally got an opportunity to find out about the mystery girl who writes brilliant articles for a local newspaper. Watch the episode as love begins to blossom between Aarushi and Vihaan. Meanhwile, Aarushi’s family is eagerly waiting for a boy’s family to arrive who will be coming to see Aarushi. Later, Vihaan’s Maasi Maa asks him where he was while he was suppose to be meeting Anisha.

It is the story of the love and marriage Vihaan and Aarushi. He later tells her the entire story concerning Anisha and to his surprise, Aarushi starts to laugh. Vihaan gets surprised when Aarushi mistakes him to be a driver and he begins to admire her caring nature. Meanhwile, Aarushi’s family is eagerly waiting for a boy’s family to arrive who will be coming to see Aarushi. Aarushi is asked to meet the owner of Vatsala Wears, Vihaan but Arushi is apprehensive about the meeting and is still unaware that Vihaan is the same man she had met the previous day. Later, Aarushi goes to the Vatsala wears office but Vihaan does not come in front of her.

Mahmoodabad Ki Malkaiyen Episode 160 – 27th December 2011 part 1

Upon hearing him, Vihaan gets furious. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 27 – January 8, Both Vihaan and Aarushi epislde busy celebrating ‘Lohri’ with their respective families. All of Vihaan’s seven mothers seem disappointed as Diya rejects Vihaan’s proposal satrangk seeing the sad faces of all his mothers, Vihaan begins to cheer them up and even succeeds in his attempt. She blames them responsible for insulting her and not understanding a girl’s feelings.

Later it turns out that all of them have gifted Vihaan his favourite blue shirt and Vihaan wears all the shirts at the same time to keep them all happy. Meanwhile, Aarushi decides to go to the hospital to meet Vihaan’s mother.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 26 – January 7, Sarathi tries to handle the situation but fails to do so. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 5 – December 9, That night both Arushi and Vihaan are confused regarding each other and they speak to their loved ones and ask them to guide peisode.

By now, Vihaan is allowed to go home and asked to take rest. Soon, Aarushi reaches the scene and sees him there.

Satrangi Sasural

Next morning, Aarushi meets a man who appears to be extremely rude. He tries to enquire with the newspaper owner about the person writing the article but fails to get any answer. Just then, Vihaan’s mother Narmada climbs down and says that she had ordered the food to celebrate Neelima’s birthday.


Meanwhile, Tai Maa listens to Vihaan’s conversation through the door and gets extremely excited. Aarushi gets surprised when she finds a lot of gifts sent by all of Vihaan’s mothers to thank her for saving Vihaan’s life. Meanwhile, all of Aarushi’s mothers too take part in the competition as they feel that Vihaan loves the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and they want him to get married to her.

Later, Aarushi’s friend informs her that there can be no friend like Vihaan and advices her to never let him go.

Mahmoodabad Ki Malkaiyen Episode – 27th December part 1 – video dailymotion

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 21 – December 31, Meanwhile, Vihaan’s family too is waiting for a family to arrive to meet Vihaan. Later, Aahil feels that their is some connection between Aarushi and the person writing the articles and he decides to find out about it. Prahlad goes on to say that if he wants Rajkumar to marry Aarushi then he will have to take the responsibility of the entire family. Later all begin to argue with each other regarding which gift Vihaan will open first.

Later, we learns that Vihaan’s father had left his mother on that date and hence celebrations were prohibited on that date.

Vihaan on the other hand gets on a mission to lighten the house with celebrations and decides to anyhow celebrate his maasi maa’s birthday. Vihaan sasufal tea for Satranfi and meets her at her office. Aarushi, who is the actual ‘Dil Episodd Kudi’, tries to dissuade Vihaan from taking part in the competition but fails to do so. Will the girl agree to marry a boy from a house that has seven mothers? Later, the puppy is taken care of at the hospital and Vihaan pays the money at the reception.

Later, All of Vihaan’s seven mothers are extremely worried regarding Vihaan’s marriage and they decide to call the pundit and find out about about Vihaan’s future. He also deletes the photos. Later, Gattu further traps Aarushi’s father Prahlad and asks him to try his hand in a bigger gamble. Next morning, Vihaan goes saaural a walk along with Mini Maa, and while Mini Maa was doing her exercises, Girish reached the park and began taking her photographs. However, Vihaan’s happiness soon disappears when Dadi says that she likes Aarushi only as a girl and not as her daughter-in-law.


Satrangi Sasural – Episode 23 – January 2, Vihaan tells Aarushi about his Dadi Maa’s ill health and that witnessing her condition had initially terrified him. He is in a dilemma whether to propose to her or not, and gets worried that his proposal might cause him to lose a good friend. In excitement, Vihaan gets out of his car and begins to run towards the venue to reach as quickly as possible, while Aarushi begins to panic.

Will this action of Aarushi ruin the fresh relationship between her and Vihaan? She feels bad that Vihaan had lied to her all this while and she later refuses to be friends with him as she feels that friendship should be done with people of the same status. Later, Aarushi takes him to her room and seeing her way of thinking and living, the boy, Rajkumar gets ready for the marriage.

Later, Vihaan tries to call Anisha and talk to her but Anisha seems furious and refuses to speak.

Initially the two of them are upset with each other but finally the two of them patch up and get ready to be friends. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 12 – December 18, Satrangi Sasural explores the journey of Vihaan and Aarushi and their bond within the universe of seven mothers in-law.

Epieode asks her if satranhi has a boyfriend and is eagerly waiting for her to give a ‘no’. Meanwhile, Aarushi spends some time with her grandfather and he tells her that he is sure about her father being involved in the rejections that she is facing but Aarushi feels differently about it.

Just then Aarushi learns that a girl has arrived to get the papers signed and he feels happy thinking that Aarushi is here. Aarushi is not aware that the gifts are not from sxtrangi single person, but from all the seven ladies whom Vihaan treats as his mother.

He finally decides to reveal his true identity in front of Aarushi and decides to meet her. Later, Girish meets his father and the satrqngi of them discuss about getting some money from Aarushi.