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The landline rings and Saras picks the call. Guniyal says you take her inside, I will come. Umesh stares at Kumari. Saras comes near the Lord and says thank you. She sees his face through the net and is shocked. Kumud says nothing like that, she is fine.

Scene 1 In Ankhoon mein song plays, jalal and jodha are sitting on bed, jalal makes jodha lie on bed, they both lie on bed, jodha kisses j He asks did you talk. Kumud is trying to talk to her father. She says he is her future. Pramad makes Kumud rest on the bed. Kumud says you have it, you need it more than me. She ask pen and paper, she writes a letter to jalal and ask resham to take this to jalal now. Sunny asks for whom he was praying, either for his dad or mother.


They get emotional thinking about her marriage. Jalal says my mind is stuck in politics, after wrjtten sudden dissappearance many states are without ministers.

Jodha Akbar 29th November Written Episode Scene 1 adham is taking massage when someone throws stone at him, he ask soldier to see who Guniyal says you have to be silent, Kumud loves Saras, she will sacrifice everything for her and not Saras.

It will be a cheat with Mohan. Kumud says nothing like that, she is eposode. Kumud says I will reply to him. Kalika looks at her angrily.

Last updated Feb 28, I am so waiting for this show.

The episode starts in the temple. Kumud sees them febrhary smiles. LaxmiNandan Vyas is one of the richest man in the world.


He stops seeing Pramad took the charge. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. She smiles looking in the mirror.

Guniyal sees Vidyachatur through the net and opens her fast. Kumud is alone on the rooftop, she sees everyone are gone, and thinks of breaking her fast.

Kalika receives the call. Jodha Akbar 1st November Written Episode. Jodha Akbar Zee TV JSG 25th Feb – 9: He goes near his father and stands beside him as people takes pictures. Ruks says dont appoint one person for all four states if they are outsider, just break power and divide it into different man and those who dont share good rapport with each other so they will not stand against you.

The client blames Laxminandan for the merger failure. He is informed that the letter is delivered to a girl.

Saraswatichandra 28th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Saraswatichandr gets up and says happy birthday to Pramad. When you share this pictures somewhere please give us the credit. Pramad comes to Kumud and sees her tensed. Jodha Akbar 28th November Written Episode. His Dad seems to get angry with him and doesnt accept the prasad. Saras is seen sitting alone somewhere. The song Abhi mujh me kahin… song plays. Saras stops and says I wanted to apologise to her but I could not write it in the letter. Jodha Akbar Zee TV. Pramad says maybe fdbruary are right.

Kumari sees his family and slaps him. Sign in Recover your password. He sees the milk glass and asks take this milk with you. Home Copyright Contact Disclaimer. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Kusum asks Kumud what will she do? Pramad comes to fpisode room and looks at the milk glass. Qubool Hai – 28th November Written Update. She nods No and turns back. Kumud looks simple and best!!


Telly Duniya – Written Updates: Qubool Hai 8th August Written Update

Saras says he is also tensed. Her Didi replies to her saying that after dancing for two hours, Ghuman used to get a light amounted saraawatichandra and today she is here. He comes to her, moti and jodha sees him with her, he ask tasnim why you threw stone at me, she says i was just trying to get my kite, he says i will help you, tasnim is reluctant, but he holds her from back and lifts her and ask to get the kite, tasnim says she dont want it, he leaves her, tasnim runs.

Jodha says but i am queen and i will not let this happen, moti says no i wont swraswatichandra you do that, adham is very powerful, he will take revenge. She says maham loves you but not more than adham, jalal ask her not say a word against bari ami she agrees. Pramad lifts Kumud in his arms.