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Its morning, Badimaa and Dada ji talks to Kumud. Danny tells Kusum be patient, its happening what we want. He says fine and ends the call smiling. Saraswatichandra – 19th December Written Upda She starts shouting, and he corners her into a tight intimate embrace, causing a big level of physical intimacy amongst them, to silence humaira, while kissing her on the nape. Saras says tell me where to keep it. He says its easy for marriage to form and break with time, but its all about fate, when I got married to my grandma, she did not even see me, and after the Grah Pravesh, she accepted me and my family.

Kusum says but mum……. Saras says nothing will happen to her. Kusum opens her eyes and looks at Danny. Kusum says whatever, this is the truth. Jodha Akbar upcoming track: Badimaa hugs Guniyal happily.

Badimaa is shocked to hear this.

Kusum is tensed and takes the letter from him. Kusum throws the kerosene all over the room. Saras looks on standing far. Kumud is shocked to see the room well decorated and also the kamarbandh lying on the bed. Kusum says she is not missing, she wrote in the letter that she left by her wish.


He undrstands that humaira is behind this. Dilshad nudges zoya to do something.

Saraswatichandra 31st December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Badimaa comes to Kumud and says come soon, Pannaben is waiting, Kumud says with whom should I do this ritual. Badimaa hugs Guniyal happily. A password will be e-mailed to you. Kumud looks at him and Saras. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. Kumud says Dada ji is thinking what you are thinking. Saras says tell him as I say, tell him why should I give you food, you have your wife at home, go and ask her.


She sees her hand burnt and hurts herself and shouts. Dada ji says you have done a good thing by giving a chance to Danny and Kumud might decemher very happy with you. Kusum misunderstands Saras and his words.


He says I m going to site now, we will have dinner together. Danny comes and says I will take this chakri. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Guniyal does not believe her and says I know everything, you are adamant.

Aastha to face the wrath of her in-laws in Star Pl Kusum brings Dada ji to a room and closes the door. Kumud meets Saras outside the house and he teases her seeing the bag as she is leaving for school.

Jodha Akbar 27th November Written Update. Surbhi Jyoti supports Karan Singh Jodha Akbar 28th November Written Episode. Benazir will be episoce to Kusum says what will I do if the police comes to know its my handwriting.

He starts checking the wires, and finds that someone has cut the connection. Welcome, Login to your account. Saras says I have sent him to bring flowers. Before she can go further, nazma calls for tea, and she leaves. He says where is Saras, everyone are calling you and Saras, as he would be doing the ritual with you, as its for those who are made for each other.


He cries seeing her crying. Nazma tries to cheer her up with an offer of tea. She says what did I do, with you, with Kusum. Saraswatichandra – 16th December Written Upda Kumud is thinking about Kusum and thinks how to stop this ritual.

He says we are much happy together, but this did not happen with Badimaa, I did not forgive myself for that, but Badimaa tries to stay happy, I pray the same for you.

Kumud says what are you saying. Danny says Saras has given this ointment and applies it to saraswatichanndra hand. Guniyal and Kusum are shocked. Home Copyright Contact Disclaimer. Saraswatichandra – 20th December Written Upda Saras says her hand burnt, the doctor saw her, he said she will be fine.

Saras says no, he can survive even on noodles, he can have them thrice a day, Kusum is very lucky that she got a guy like Danny. Kumud checks the fuse. Saras comes and is shocked to see the fire. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Guniyal leaves with Vidyachatur. Kalika asks Kusum was there any letter, did you check her room.

Saras says no way, I m sure she left with a burden on her heart. Thursday, 28 November