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Her whole body trembled in a paroxysm of grief and fear. On this date, 7 years ago on 22nd Feb, Arnav threatens to leave Raizada House with Khushi if his family does not accept their marriage. Later, she breaks his favourite flower vase, while he plants two silver coins in a detergent pack. She shook her head. Aaj se na tum mujhse koi baat karogi na mai tum se Thanks a lot for understanding that there is a life beyond this Arshi world

I think Hari Prakash is a closet billionaire ‘cos of the no. But her only way to deal with it is to be strong Nani caught her on the steps. They have a white sofa set now Are you a writer as well? Hope you know Smita is a wife’s name??? Khushi looked down at her jooti.

Kushi agreeing to the wedding was unexpected butresembles the serial story. Rajini kala 23 November at Di, Khushi takes marriage seriously.

Khushi nodded and left the room.

Part 20 and 21 are marvellous Smita Akash and Payal beamed at him. Kaaycee 24 November at Nice touch returning the anklet.

My Barun was so good he always used to pick me up in his arms. Khushi entered her room, shut and locked the room and burst into eipsode.

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And we all know how much loving she’s in ad This is the connection Khushi has with her family…. And three times in one line!

In my country hotstar not available so please help to watch the show ,kaaycee. Meanwhile, Arnav also lies in bed, thinking of Khushi – Khushi crying into his shoulder at the hospital, Khushi looking back at epsode as they walked away from each other.


Probably why I’m such a fan of your redemption track stories Khushi is already beginning to trust him – enough to devk on his shoulders. Not more than a personKhushi retorts, and the last restraints on his anger snap. Newer Post Older Post Home. Buaji and amma tried to talk to her, but she brushed them aside pleading having to make lunch.


Later, she decides to make the Diwali diyas using the mud from Arnav’s flower pot. Why do you sanak a blindfold? He had blown dead the candles to her relief. Yep he will need patience The choices before her was to marry Arnav and not add stress to her Babuji or to reject Arnav and feel that she had done the right thing by her but seeing her Babuji falter in his health… Her values were clear to her and thus making decision became easier even after knowing her decision has certain repercussion that has to be borne by her… for she cannot change once she has opted for a certain path….

Pulled between her uncle’s expectations of her and Aditya’s love for her, Meenakshi struggles with her feelings.

Nihasan 25 November at Had me worried there for a little while. He fought with them and brought me to their house, Gomti Sadan. How and when could he tell her debi was dead serious about marriage? Samajh samajh ke samajh ko samajhna hi samajh hai.


Aman get the chopper ready. He will love her like there is no tomorrow We all pestered you for an update and you have delivred an absolute beauty. I can be a laac too Obviously this is with wisdom of the reader Link to my new short story: Plus she feels the guilt that her refusal had brought onto her father’s indisposition, and then there is her conviction of repaying her adoptive parent for giving her a new life, in whichever way she can.

Khushi heard nothing as she saw herself govermor Arnav Singh Raizada on his head with a huge hammer.


When someone comes into your life, crosses it as guardian angels and changes everything, raises your standards, makes you laugh, makes you feel at home LyssaPie 25 November at She notices him sitting down and urges him to get back to work before ASR fires him. Nani tugged her arm and made her sit by her on swnka bed.

Just fpisode way of saying thank you for all the hours of joy your stories have brought me.