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He goes on to note, concerning the seventh episode “Special Relationship”: On a number of occasions through the series, the characters engage in explicitly disparaging the fictitious world of James Bond and with it the romanticized view that some amateurs and outsiders have of the intelligence business. Himself a former Sandbagger and a former Marine , [5] Burnside has been D-Ops for only a short time at the start of the series. Season 1 Episode Guide. Burnside is resigned to his fate, and while walking alone at night is mugged and committed to hospital; Lady Wellingham visits and suggests that getting back together with Belinda would be good for his career. Use the HTML below. Mike Wallace 13 episodes, A part British espionage thriller about a special intelligence unit that copes with problems ranging from international terrorism to bureaucratic red tape.

Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. Wellingham had been onto Burnside since Peele brought up Malta, and asked Peele to write the amalgamation paper to find out if he Peele really had a mind of his own, as Burnside claimed. The lack of funding enforces more borderline judgment calls to be made and with them as often as not made under political pressure the risks increase. When nothing comes of it, he attempts to blackmail her into ending the relationship herself. Gibbs is competent but abrasive, and has a particular dislike for Burnside after they butted heads when the latter was Sandbagger One. Edit Did You Know?

Learn more More Like This. Most of what happens in The Sandbaggers is conversation that drives the plot along—it was thought unnecessary for the audience to see everything in minute detail. Wellingham’s office is located in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Whitehall.

Wellingham had been onto Burnside since Peele brought up Malta, and asked Peele to write the amalgamation paper to find out if he Peele really had a mind of his own, as Burnside claimed.

The Sandbaggers – NORDIC DRAMA

British and Russian missile engineers go eisode in Cyprusand it is suspected that the Greek Cypriot National Front wants to build missiles for an attack on Northern Cyprus. Peele and Wellingham demand to know from Burnside and the Sandbaggers if they are holding Filatov, but they deny it, saying its a KGB lie to disrupt the conference, which is going badly for the Soviets. The way events and their consequences were revealed through talk created interest, as the audience worked out how, as each episode progressed, each revelation completed the picture.


British agent Alec Leamas refuses to come in from the Cold War during the s, choosing to face another mission, which may prove to be his final one. The Boulin group itself issues a denial that they are behind the kidnapping, but the Belgian police round them up, after which Wellingham is abruptly released.

Burnside tries to get approval to plant a woman in the Soviet Union as a long-term double agent, but he neglects to mention that her real mission is short-term human rights propaganda. A Star Is Born 4.

The Sandbaggers

He wrote 22 the episodes of the first two series of The Sandbaggersbut in Julyduring the shooting of the third series, he and his girlfriend—a British Airways stewardess—were declared lost at sea after their single-engined aircraft went missing over the Pacific Ocean near Alaskafollowing sandbaggers radioed call for help. Peele informs the KGB, who go to the villa in force and take Filatov back.

Burnside’s personal assistant Diane Lawler Elizabeth Bennett has regular clashes with her boss but is fiercely loyal to him. This is the story of Magnus Pym, from his childhood to the end of his career in middle age.

The Sandbaggers – S02e02 – Enough Of Ghosts – video dailymotion

Caine then spots another man watching Jenny, but trails him back to the US embassy. There are two other Sandbaggers at the beginning of the series: He jumps in front of Filatov to protect him; he is shot and falls to the ground, possibly dead.

Peele tries to get support for the coup from the Ministry of Defence, but it won’t cooperate unless the Russian ship is examined; Peele gets the operation approved by the Foreign Office after Burnside attempts to kill it. Burnside suspects that a senior official is planning to defect when he says he’s going to Scotland but turns up in Vienna. When photographs need to be collected from an informant in East Berlina risky operation, Burnside can find no other option but to send Dickens, who is fluent in German.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The proposal gets no support from his superiors, but he tries to get Sir Geoffrey Wellingham—the Permanent Under-Secretary at the FCO and Burnside’s former father-in-law—on his side by suggesting he will get back together with Belinda Wellingham, his ex-wife, in exchange.


In direct contrast to the “girls, guns, and gadgets” motif established by the James Bond movies, The Sandbaggers features ordinary people in extraordinary jobs of work. To avoid dismissing him and causing political problems for his brother, a promising opposition politician, Wellingham asks Burnside to deal with it quietly.

All in a Good Cause Episode 1. The plots are complex, multi-layered, and unpredictable: In keeping with the focus on realism, there are very few action sequences and the equipment available to the operatives are standard vehicles and regular issue tools.

Burnside travels to Paris to negotiate the exchange, but the French demand a copy of all episoe received from the Americans for a period of one year.

When a medical report confirms that Burnside is showing sandbaggers of stress, Peele proposes to Gibbs that his job be given to Paul Dalgetty, Tyler’s replacement as D-Int.

Unusually for an episodic drama, The Sandbaggers is almost entirely devoid of incidental music. The stories centered on the elite covert operations section of British Intelligence, nicknamed the Sandbaggers, and their boss, Neil Burnside, himself a former Sandbagger but now having to battle more with British sandbaggdrs than with enemy agents.

Caine decides to continue working with “Ferris” until the operation is complete. To Burnside’s surprise, Peele’s investigation comes sdason in favour of Wallace. Tyler takes a working holiday in Malta without his wife.

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Set contemporaneously with its original broadcast on ITV in andThe Sandbaggers examines the effect of espionage on the personal seasob professional lives of British and American intelligence specialists. Sarkisyan is suspicious and goes to see Peele, his opposite number, who knows nothing about the defection. Sir Geoffrey Wellingham 14 episodes, Burnside tells Wellingham about it and says it’s a standing joke in the office; Wellingham appears to seaon out in favour of Peele, and Burnside returns to his office triumphant.

He reveals to Ferris that he knows she is KGB, and allows her to take the Russian engineer, whom she executes as a traitor.