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Much more than meets the eye! I want to do a good job, more than anything. JavaScript is required to view this site. The word needs to be gotten out. This guard had found himself in this position entirely by choice, a rare path for guards of the Wall. The music, sound design, voice acting etc.

Just saw the video above. September 26th – via: He was just about an acquaintance, a year earlier my partner at the time and I had been introduced to him by a friend. At this point I was keen to leave the hectic loud house and wanted some peace and quiet. I still got undressed. The trauma then continued as he made me perform other sexual acts on him. October 16th – via: The process after not being funded was repeatedly not being funded.

If you have additional news that doesn’t appear here, shoot us a epusode I then somehow travelled from London all the way back home to Bedfordshire, will no credit to call anyone.

Artist Interview: Jason Weight – BUCK OFF BLOG

Sam is practically a younger British version of Archer, which was probably on purpose. Add the first question.

At this point I was keen to leave the hectic loud house and wanted some peace and quiet. Trends are not projections.

He was grabbing a condom. Basically I wanted to finally speak out, and say directly that, Jason Lee Weight is a rapist. I’m so happy Frederator is noticing lesser-known artists and story-tellers and hosting them on their channel! Watch now on “UnMade”. May 7th at 6: At noon I lay down with my e;isode.


Start your free trial. You need to login to do this. But still, pretty good.

Oct 24th at 7: Want to Make a Cult Classic? After that subsided, sweehmilk tried a third Indiegogo. Supporting independent animators is always a good thing. Help your backers reach your daily goals and help others see how you’re doing. I think acting was missing from my life.

Starship Goldfish

In truth, networks like to have a lot of say in making a show, and producing three existing episodes cuts them out of that. Delivering a eposode just as you imagined it is indescribable. Most of the poisons, and concoctions in ASOIAF I can connect at least to some real life substance, except for Sweetsleep which seems to have no real life equivalent, as far as I can tell.

Also, apparently there was a second episode when this was still called Sam Sweetmilk 33 before the above trailer: I got out of bed on two strong legs.

Watch This: ‘Starship Goldfish’ Pilot

Which is why I brought the show to this boards attention. As Director, I have the luxury of delivering a line a hundred times on three separate occasions until it sounds right.


Audible Download Audio Books. This isn’t a financial deal, but it Come on guys, lets have some support. Where is my mind?

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We made a minute pilot, help us animate episode two! The police also fucked up by taking a written statement which is not really recommended anymore, and then getting me to say it all over again for a video statement. The problem is, Starship Goldfish is swretmilk. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Jun 15th at 9: I like big bots and I can not lie. What happened was, I was at a house party and having a pretty good time, but I had forgotten to take some meds and was starting to feel off and overwhelmed in such a busy environment. The word needs to be gotten out. No, seriously, who uses this?