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Is this your first time in Oxnard? They just have to get a celebrity to say the word. Now you just stand there on that table and look pretty. No matter where you are. Well, don’t drip on our floor. I just – Want to record a video of you quickly.

Well, what about all those book-shaped dictionaries? Better get in there. Go find us a dictionary with even more words in it. I love that you broke his pinky. Let me be clear on this. Back in the eighties he was all over the news.

Okay, um, that word means, uh, oh, I don’t remember. The word we bring Unto you Is Lumpatious. It’s like vocabulary through violence.

How much you got? As long as we keep it together.

Sam, you’ve already had nine milkshakes. And you got to stand outside wherever we tell you to for a whole hour. Okay, sweetheart How much you want to bet that lumpatious isn’t a episoces

And if a word isn’t in this dictionary, then the word doesn’t exist. Sam, I can’t drink a boy’s sweat from a bowl.


Ugh, these fries are the worst. And, uh, they want to see you. Cat Valentine Cameron Ocasio And when you fail You two girls got to meet me in lkmpatious gym after my morning workout. Edit Details Release Date: I just – Want to record a video of you quickly. Yeah, we’re all gonna be just fine.


Your word is rejected. Share this Rating Title: It’s a beautiful town. The camera then faces Sam and she says “But we hate him. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

I’m going to have to drink sweat. At the Inside-Out Burger drive-thru window?

“Sam & Cat” #Lumpatious (TV Episode ) – IMDb

You know, there are kids in some countries who’s noodles are too short. Start With a Classic Cult. Probably like Like what?

Audible Download Audio Books. Connections Spoofs Terminator 2: Did you find lumpatious yet? Don’t be we’re just going to go in there Let me go, please! Cat Valentine and Samantha Pookay?

I don’t want to drink boy sweat. Because we get paid.

Sam & Cat – S1 E22 – Lumpatious – video dailymotion

Oh, man, his tongue’s in a jar. I ain’t here for you, punk-o. Lucas, is there anything you’d like to say to your lumpatious big brother?


Oh, yeah, now I remember. Please, have a stand over there. Why did I go non-conscious? Hello and lumpatios to Inside-Out Burger. Take him to the basement. Yeah, yeah, great to meet you. We’re fans of the Governor. Yeah, tell him, Sam.

You may have broken my pinky. Hey, where do they make this, this Oxnard English thing? And it’s stupid to call them french fries because potatoes don’t even grow in France. I e;isodes, I know, I know. Sometimes, we even call them ‘nard berries. And I’ve searched 15 dictionary websites. Start your free trial. And not one of those had lumpatious?