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Matt Bennett acted as the ref. They part ways the next day to calm down. Audible Download Audio Books. February 18, by Sandra Stelmach. It looked like she threw a handful of cotton at Jade. Sam initially does not embrace the idea of a holiday just for presents, but eventually warms to it and goes shopping for everyone, including Cat, whom Sam does not trust because of her tendency to snoop. Be sure to catch a sneak peek of the episode by watching the video below and watch the full episode tonight!

When Sam later accidentally damages Kim’s doll, she and Cat take it back to the store, only to face another steep price for the repair. Drange returns and instructs them to take Clarice to a Del DeVille concert. They find it in a graveyard, where Sam and Cat reclaim their pineapple and leave Ellie stranded with the caretaker. It comes on Saturday at 8 pm! In less than a minute they were out of range. A pet that is about to be turned into a lovely human coat. College Football, “48 Hours” Lead the Pack”.

Make sure to tune in! It took me a second max to dive on the little freak, Not that that did any good. When she does and they’re about to pober it in a rocket, the girl replaces it with Sam and Kat’s emergency money, which Kat revealed. Robbie still needed saving. When Bonner returns, he hears an explosion and quickly figures out what’s happening.

Cat, on the other hand, is shocked at the size of the speed boat that she and Sam won. ky

Sam Amd Cat S01E19 My Poober

When they don’t xam the dog back, they threaten to return with a court order and a police officer. When the group enters an alleyway near Goomer’s apartment, three thugs try to steal his mom’s purse, prompting him to beat them up. Ryan Newman posted a no makeup selfie on the way to her Nickelodeon shoot!

Sam and Cat go to their house again and threaten to upload the video of their competition unless they delete the reviews and stop babysitting. Finally Jade tried something else herself. Sam and Dice decorate the apartment with the props, and they surprise an overjoyed Cat.


Retrieved May 14, Dam can’t fix it. The two have a talk, with Sam telling Cat about an unpleasant gift her mom gave her when she was nine. Check out the behind the scenes look with the cast of the new episode in the video below and let us know what you think by commenting! Sam and Cat babysit a girl named Kim, who is struggling with math in school.

Ariana was seen wearing a lovely Dolce and Gabbana dress covered in flowers. Cat visits the girls to see what went wrong, and ends up trading her bike for bibble, a fictional popcorn snack that she covets. I hate wondering what to wear, worrying about how I chew, and trying to look pretty.

But I also was just ooober to say, I think we did the right thing not telling Dice and Goomer. I got to sa, window just in time to see Poober burst out from behind the trellis directly under the ball mg light.

That level one crap isn’t going to touch me. United States Copyright Office. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Ariana tweeted earlier today: We’re going to have a dialog.

Sam & Cat (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)

Retrieved April 10, — via TVbytheNumbers. So I just jumped up and dived through the window. In reality, Gwen and Ruby are using these gifts for a revenge plot in retaliation for what happened to them in the bingo game see ” TheBritBrats” above.

She also wonders why her hair is blue, but finds out she was with Nona at Elderly Acres earlier in the day. Sam and Cat then start ordering as much as possible, to the detriment ccast their babysitting service.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Meanwhile, the doll seems to be in a new location every time Sam and Cat look at it, terrifying them.

Check out some photos of Ariana from her upcoming spread in V Magazine below and let us know what you think by commenting! When Cat saves an old man at Elderly Acres from getting hit by a scooter, the man’s daughter asks the babysitting duo to look after her accident-prone son, Oscar. Sam and Cat attempt to save their favorite TV show That’s a Drag from being cancelled while babysitting two annoying kids named Bob and Ethan, but despite Cat’s best and desperate efforts, she and Sam are unable to convince the producer to keep the show airing.


A rich family comes to the girls’ apartment and claims the dog is theirs. You told her to waz all over Poober. Cat accompanies Dice to a job modeling hair for a cover boy magazine photo shoot in Arizona. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sometimes to corrupt them, sometimes to possess them. Andrew Thomas Teleplay by: But believe me if anything she’s the pet in that pair. Just then sirens started in the distance.

Jade moved her hand a little unsteadily like she was actually bearing the weight of Poolie’s body. The flier is misleading because of how Goomer designs it, making people think he is missing.

Jade heard her and said, “You know how I said once one of these things gets into your home you belong to it unless you die or it is banished?

They track down the show’s two original creators—Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins—and seek to have the trademark infringement suit revoked. Sam and Cat babysit Butler, a champion speed-texter, and discover that Sam is also a fast texter.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She then realizes Cat snooped and gets angry at her for doing so, but they make up quickly. Then behind the child’s back they make themselves known to the parent.